Two Mt. Hebron Teachers Nominated for MSET Awards

The Maryland Society for Educational Technology, or MSET, honors leaders and teachers every year for innovative and practical uses of technology in school. This year, two Mt. Hebron teachers, Career Technology Education (CTE) teacher David Lucania and science teacher Christina Rosendorf, have both been nominated for the award.

Every year, the Maryland Outstanding Educator and Leader Using Technology Award is given to leaders and educators who show the best use of educational technology. The winners of the award are recognized at the Common Ground Conference, and given opportunities to participate in business meetings, serve as keynote speakers, and have their work highlighted at the Common Ground Conference.

The winners also move on to the national award process for International Society for Technology in Education, and receive a $500 grant as well as a plaque.

Lucania has many opportunities to incorporate technology into his teaching. The tech team has items including a laser cutter, a 3D printer, and modeling programs such as Inventor Autodesk, a program for designing models and shapes to scale that could then be printed with the 3D printer. The classes Lucania teaches involve a lot of hands-on engineering experience.

“[The students] have a pretty unique opportunity to be able to use all these different technologies that most high school students don’t get to use or don’t see until they get to college,” said Lucania.

Rosendorf is the Point of Contact for Mt. Hebron. She is responsible for assisting her fellow educators with how to use Canvas and incorporating the platform into the education system more, such as submitting assignments and providing them with information via Canvas.

“It helps the other teachers get their students more engaged,” said Rosendorf.

“Today’s generation is very tech-savvy, and so they’d rather have something on a computer than on a piece of paper.”

Both teachers were nominated by Dr. Miller for their exceptional incorporation of technology in their processes of education.

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