Two Student Accidents Raise Eyebrows

Over the last few months, two Mt. Hebron students, juniors Olivia Minnich and Anastasyia Borysovska, experienced separate car accidents at the intersection on Mt. Hebron property as they were exiting the school parking lot. Neither of the student drivers were severely injured. Borysovska stated that the worst injury she received were minor seat belt burns. Minnich herself was not injured, but her sister, Natalie, was hospitalized due to a serious leg injury.

“I was turning to get into the staff lot coming from the student lot, and at my green light I didn’t see the incoming car, so I made a left turn,” Borysovska explained. “Then my car stopped because the vehicles collided as I was mid-turn.”

Borysovska described how she felt like she was in shock and was angry that she did not see the other car.

“It was my fault,” she said. “I should have yielded to the car, but I couldn’t see them coming because of the sun shining into my eyes.”

According to Borysovska, her car was totaled, while the car of the person who hit her only required a bumper replacement.

“I still drive, and I’m fine now, but I was definitely still kind of in shock for a few hours after because it felt so surreal,” she said. “I never imagined I’d experience something like that.”

Borysovska believes that what she learned from this incident and what she wants other student drivers to remember is “to always be sure to double check before turning,” she said. “You might think you’re good to drive, but your vision can sometimes deceive you, especially if you’re thinking of other things while driving.”

She expressed her pleasure with how the school reacted following the incident, but she also voiced how she believed they could improve the intersection.

“The school had a really nice response and was helpful in telling me what I need to do,” she said. “The road is safe, but maybe a yield on left turn sign would be nice at that intersection.”

Junior Alana Brown witnessed one of the accidents in her car. She described hearing a collision and looking up to see two cars that just crashed into one another. The damage did not appear serious, and it did not seem like anyone was hurt.

Like Borysovska, Brown shared a few ideas as to how to prevent future student accidents.

“I think a good idea would be to put an officer on patrol for the first twenty minutes after school to make sure that no further accidents happen,” she said.

Other Mt. Hebron students decided to weigh in on what they think will keep them safe while driving.

Senior Isaac Justice, another student driver, believes that it would be best to “put more security in the student parking lot so that students will be reminded to stay focused while driving,” he said.

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