Mt. Hebron Performs “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”

From Nov. 30 through Dec. 8, the Mt. Hebron Theatre Company presented “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.” The play is adapted by J. Robinette and based on the works of C.S Lewis. It was directed by Theatre teacher Mr. Steven Barker and Math teacher Mr. Tom Sankey. Senior Jacob Krell produced the original score.

“I’m always thinking about music, and this is the first time I’ve done something like this where I’ve conducted and had my music played,” said Krell, who plays guitar, piano and bass.

The cast consisted of the four main characters, the Pevensie siblings. Peter was played by junior Joe Nolan, Susan by sophomore Samantha Yakaitis, Lucy by eighth grader Camden Lippert, and Edmund by freshman Connor Harman as well as his eighth grade understudy, Luke Pinsky.

“The play was a ton of fun, and all of the people involved were so much fun to work with,” Nolan said. “Being in theatre is so much fun because almost everyone gets along well. It’s a great opportunity for underclassmen to meet new people, and there is a new challenge to every show ,which made this one so exciting.”

In the play, the four Pevensie siblings stay in a large home in the English country, and while exploring, they discover a large wardrobe in a spare room. It leads to a fictional world called Narnia, where magical creatures roam. The brothers and sisters join forces with the great lion, Aslan, to defeat the White Witch.

The cast was filled with different mythical characters such as witches and giants, and a live pit orchestra played with Krell as the conductor.

The costume for Aslan was a large puppet maneuvered and played by three people. The trio, consisting of senior Max Nzone, junior Nick Pascarelle and senior Jennie Hardman, each carried a piece of the puppet, rotating every few scenes. They all spoke their lines at once, creating a powerful like character.

Nzone admitted three people playing one part was a “real challenge and they have to be in sync, not in just speaking but in movement, tone and trust,” he said.

“We got so much praise from the audience, and I’m proud of those two [Pascarelle and Hardman] and thankful to have worked with them,” Nzone added.

Senior Dominic Marcinelli was a member of the pit orchestra. Marcinelli played the cello for this production and described the rehearsals as “daunting” and “a lot of work,” especially leading up to the final week.

The Mt. Hebron Theatre Company has brought students together and provides our community with productions each year. Auditions for the spring musical with be coming up in the following months.

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