New Club Defines Fun for All

Mt. Hebron has recently introduced its newest club, the Crossword Club. The club, led by founder senior Chase Blanchette and sponsored by English teacher Ms. Rachel Fulchino, started meeting in November in room 227.

“I carry around a crossword puzzle with me every day and eventually people who sat next to me in class, and a lot of my teachers, started looking over my shoulders and helping me fill it in. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of people hooked on them,” said Blanchette.

“It’s a good way to get your mind off of things,” he continued. “It’s pretty easy to get lost in a puzzle when you’re doing it alone, and the time definitely flies when you’re solving one as a group.”

Blanchette said that he has attempted to creatie his own puzzles to solve at the club, but it did not take very long before he realized that it is a lot tougher to create them than it is to just solve them.

The puzzles that the club uses during meetings are taken from the New York Times. As the meetings progress, the puzzles become more difficult, each having a specific theme. The themes of the crosswords that have been completed so far in the club include Harry Potter and the U.S. Army.

During meetings, one person stands at the board, writing answers and filling out the puzzle as the others sit at their desks, trying to solve it.

Many teachers, especially those in the English department, are very entertained by the club. English teacher Ms. Lauren Fischetti exemplified this, saying, “Everyone is yelling out answers and helping each other. It is so much fun to see everyone working together to solve one thing.”

During the meetings, Ms. Fischetti can be spotted participating alongside all of the students. 

English enthusiasts of Mt. Hebron are notably excited to have finally found a solution to the puzzle of finding a fun in-school hobby.

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