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Hanna Scores Touchdown for Athletic Gender Equality

With the start of this year’s football season, a certain excitement surrounds the JV football program as a new face has joined the team: freshman Moreen Hanna.

Hanna plays positions on both offensive and defensive sides of the ball, lining up at tight end on offense and playing defensive end for the defense. She worked out with the boys throughout the summer and was able to make the team this season.

The freshman explained that it was not originally her plan to tryout for football this season, but she decided to do so after her older sister told the coach that she was interested in playing.

Hanna’s presence on the field opens up opportunities for other girls who may want to tryout for a predominantly male sport but have been too intimidated to do so in the past.

She described this situation in a message for other girls, saying, “If you want to do something just do it ‘cause later in life you’re going to regret not doing it.

“Just ‘cause I was the only girl out there [doesn’t] mean anything,” she continued. “If you really want something, then make it happen. We don’t live forever. We only get one chance to make it happen. Trust me — there will be people out there [who] will tell you that you suck and you can’t do it, but just work hard and prove them wrong. And listen to the people that will support you.”

Varsity football player junior Zach Shane said, “Since Moreen went to play football, it opens up a whole new block for girls to play football or any other sport that usually guys play. If she really wants to play this sport, then I think she should be able to play and work as hard as everyone else.”

“The players on the football team respect that she is willing to put herself out there and play a sport that is usually male dominated,” Shane added.cc

Five weeks into the season, the JV team sits at 1-4, having lost the first few weeks to Marriott’s Ridge, 35-0, Oakland Mills, 7-6, Howard, 24-6, Altholton 16-6. Last week, they earned their first win against Centennial, 42-6.

Hanna’s bravery in trying out for football had an immediate effect on other girls at Mt. Hebron. She described an experience with another girl.

“There was a girl that texted me after I tried out for football and she said, ‘How did you do it ‘cause I really want to play football too but there [are] only boys.’ I said, ‘Just go for it. It might be scary, but once you make it, you’re fine. Never tell yourself you can’t do something. Just go out there and try your best,’” Hanna said.

This season, she hopes to have a positive impact in both the team’s overall success as well as helping other girls not to intimidated by male-dominated sports. She encourages other girls to break through barriers that are keeping them back.

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