Academic Clubs Win for MTH

Mt. Hebron High School is home to many spectacular athletes but has also succeeded when it comes to the brilliant minds of millennials’ futures. Through various academic clubs, Mt. Hebron has brought home several different awards and trophies succeeding on multiple stages.

The Model United Nations (MUN) Club was very successful at the International Washington Annual Model United Nations Conference (WAMUNC). The Vikings brought home eight awards from March 1 to 4. At the tournament, there were 1,800 students from  62 high schools from all around the globe. The eight students who won awards included Abel Odilil, Mallika Majid, Lorelei Lorraine, Ryan Jung, Zinedine Partipilo, Aditya Krishna, Linnea Collins, and Steven Jin.

It’s Academic Club was also another recent winner and consisted of Khiem Doan, Yashas Anil and Chase Blanchette winning at the buzzer of their most recent playoff competition. This win sends the team to the semi-finals on April 21.

Team captain Blanchette was very proud of his team’s victory. “It was very close. It actually came down to the buzzer and we almost lost, but we ended up winning,” he said. “Now if we win the next competition, then we will move onto the intercity competition, so we’ll go against schools from Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia. I’m pretty confident we’re going to win again.”

The Physics Olympiad competed against 63 other teams in their latest competition. Thanks to Ms. Lu, they placed ninth, which is yet another notable accomplishment by Mt. Hebron’s academic squads.

The Ragnarok Robotics Team competed against 76 teams at a competition on March 24 at South River High School.

Mt. Hebron’s FBLA club, which includes 40 members, traveled to Hunt Valley to compete in the State Competition. The competition lasted three days, and the team won region five and finished third in the state.

Ellen Li, an FBLA member, shared a general overview of the event. “I did emerging business issues,” she said. “Lynzee Louden and I finished a month before Regionals, and it took almost two weeks. Individually, Lynzee and I scored a perfect score, and I think as a whole, our team did pretty well. I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

The last performance that was a part of the Physics Academic clubs competitions was the Science Olympiad. The Science Olympiad had a successful season after winning eight medals in seven divisions.

Club sponsor, Mr. Sabota discussed the season as a whole, saying, “This year, we won 8 medals in 7 divisions out of 60 teams from around the state of Maryland. I think we can do even better next year because every year we are getting more and more students, which is good because they can compete in multiple events. We’re also getting more and more resources that kids are keeping and copying and putting into files, more and more teachers they are working with, so more experience will make a better team. I hope next year we will be a team that will go to States.”

Academic clubs continue to build a name for Mt. Hebron, bringing home many awards and trophies.

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