Mt. Hebron Finds Hope in Annual Pep Rally

This year’s Hebron for Hope Pep Rally was unlike any other. This pep rally was dedicated to Jude Jawhar, a graduate from Mt. Hebron who passed away due to cancer.

SGA sponsor Ms. Angela Sugg and SGA president Steven Jin gave a speech at the beginning of the pep rally in which Ms. Sugg gave Jude the Viking Courage Award for, “her amazing display of courage, hope, and optimism that she continued to demonstrate throughout her medical struggles.”

Ms. Sugg added, “[Jude] will serve as an inspiration to all of us.”

This year, a new shirt was designed by Kruti Patel. On the front of the shirt, Hebron for Hope was written in bold, and on the back, Viking strong was printed with our Viking logo.

“The pep rally was such a great event with so much energy and spirit. It was a lot of fun both to plan and watch since it really showed how Hebron could come together,” Linnea Collins, the Senior Representative for the SGA, said.

Collins also commented on what made this year different. “I think with the loss of a part of the Hebron community, the pep rally had a heavier meaning to it. A lot of people weren’t just there because it was fun, but they were there to support our Hebron community.”

Before the pep rally began, the National Anthem was sung by freshman Leah Reineck.

“It was a super cool experience to be in the pep rally, and it was so much fun to hang out with my friends and participate in such an awesome school event,” said Reineck.

After the performance, the basketball games began. First was the Freshmen versus the Seniors. It was a close game, but the Seniors won 10 to 9. Then the Sophomores played the Juniors. After about two and a half minutes of a 10 to 10 tie, the Juniors won 12 to 10. The two victors, Seniors and Juniors, then played to see who would play the teachers in the final game. The Juniors won 15 to 13 and prepared themselves to play the teachers. The final game was close, but the Juniors managed the win, 22 to 19.

The standard pep rally games — sprint, egg carry, sack-hope, and wheelbarrow — were also included. The Seniors won the relay followed by the Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen. Performances by the Marching Band, Lancers Drill Team and Varsity Cheerleaders were also featured throughout the pep rally.

Another event was the burrito eating contest. Every student left the bleachers to gather around the tarps in the middle of the gym to cheer on their grade’s representative. Jason Brown, a sophomore, won the contest. After this was the infamous tug of war. The Freshmen squared off with the Seniors only to lose yet again. The Sophomores faced the Juniors also to lose yet again. The Seniors and Juniors were once again the last two grades. The Seniors got redemption from the basketball game by beating the Juniors.

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