Snail Mail to Perform at Coachella

On April 15 and 22, Snail Mail will be performing at Coachella in California, along with a variety of talented artists such as The Weeknd, Eminem and Tyler the Creator. Coachella is one of the largest annual music festivals, which features top charting musical artists over a three-day period. Snail Mail has been given the privilege to perform at the festival and a chance to broaden their fan base.    

Snail Mail is a Baltimore-based, three-piece American Indie-rock band fronted by Mt. Hebron alumni Lindsey Jordan (Class of 2017) and Alex Russell (Class of 2015). This nascent band has released two EPs, Sticki (2015) and Habit (2016).  Snail Mail is attracting groups of teenagers and millennials alike.

Lead singer Jordan has a unique style to her songs. Her voice is “massive” as one reporter describes. Her lyrics and songs are expressive and laid back at the same time, and her lines are inspirational. She is able to capture an array of emotions all at one time: heartbreak, frustration, love, joy. Jordan’s lyrics translate a common idea into a personalized interpretation of emotions. Coupled with her unique guitar skill, Jordan’s music is a combination of maturity, depth and timeliness.

Snail Mail has been publicly described as the  “best new band.” Jordan’s music had been discovered early on during her high school days. Featured in “The New York Times,” the Indie Rock band has taken off in popularity. Not only are their songs relatable to their teen following, but their performances are also incredible. Their best-known song, “Thinning,” is often used to end their performances.

Jordan and Russell met in Mr. Josh Rettenmeyer’s guitar class in 2015 and later chose to form the band. Jordan poses as the songwriter of the band and has motivated them to become the inspirational group that they have become. Mr. Rettenmeyer  described Jordan as a tunesmith and a highly introspective person.

“I’m so proud of her, she’s just an amazing musician and a great songwriter,” Mr. Rettenmeyer said. “Ordinarily, I’d be blown away to have a former student hitting the big time. But with Lindsey, I taught her for three years, and I actually suspected that she would hit it big.”

“The reason is because she had so much ‘stick-to-it-iveness,'” Mr. Rettenmeyer continued. “At 15 she was going down to D.C. trying to get gigs, and she would do whatever it took to get her music out there. When you have that kind of motivation and that kind of confidence, there’s really nothing that you can’t do.”

Snail Mail’s rise to fame is inspiring to many young teens, and their recent announcement of the Coachella performance will allow them to pursue even more career opportunities. Performing at such a well-known musical festival is incredible, leaving them to perform among some of the most popular artist from a variety of genres.

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