Fall Sports

Fall Varsity Sports Recap

The Mt. Hebron fall sports season has come to a finish after a season full of many highs and lows.

The Mt. Hebron football team finished 11th in the county in the regular season. They won their first game over Reservoir 35-21, but then did not win another game for the rest of the season.

As for the golf team, the boys also finished 11th in the county, and the girls placed last in the county.

After winning the County Championship two times in a row, the boys’ varsity soccer team came in second in the county, finishing with a record of seven wins, two ties, and two losses. During the playoffs, the team was given a first round bye after receiving the first seed in Section 1 of 3A East No. 3. In the second round, Mt. Hebron beat Reservoir one to zero. But in the 3A East regional semifinal, the boys lost to county rival Centennial four to one in penalty kicks.

“The regular season went well,” sophomore Neal Fyock said. “There was one week where we lost two consecutively and that really taught us what we needed to do in order not to have that happen again. We did and recovered and did not lose another game for the rest of the regular season.”

The playoffs wrapped up in a way in which we did not want it to,” Fyock continued. “We thought that we were going to make it further than we did. We had an unfortunate loss against Centennial even though it was a very hard-fought game — and we had a lot of chances — but it still was not what we were aiming for.”

The girls’ varsity soccer team finished fourth in the county with a winning record of seven wins, three losses, and one tie. They received the second seed in Section 1 of 3A East No. 3 and also received a first round bye. In their first game of the playoffs, they lost one to zero against Reservoir.

The Mt. Hebron field hockey team finished third in the county during the regular season. After coming off of a winning season, they received a bye for their first game. For the third year in a row, field hockey traveled to Chesapeake for the regional final game and lost four to zero.

The boys’ cross country team finished fifth at the County Championship and third at the Regional Championship where seniors Erik Vaughan, Michael Schlining, Jacob Ververs and Sahil Sardesai and sophomores Patrick Adams and Bryce Kampert all finished in the top 15. They finished ninth at the State Championship. The girls’ team finished third at the County championship, second at the Regional Championship with Emmy Beyer placing first, Maria Grafov placing fifth and Lexie Banham placing seventh. The girls placed sixth at the State Championship.

Among the many fall sports teams, there seems to be a general feeling of disappointment about this season. Some players ended up more dejected than others.

Senior Glen Turner, describing his four years on the football team, said, “They were not successful at all. They were all tragic.”

Although the past few seasons have not been too great for the football team, the boys hopeto improve in the upcoming seasons with a lot of new athletes coming in.  

Others, like Fyock, try to maintain a more positive outlook on both the past and the future.

“I feel that my years playing at Mt. Hebron so far have been successful,” Fyock said. “My freshman year, we were able to finish the year with a pretty good record and had a decent season. for my first year on varsity, it was a lot of fun, and I feel that I improved greatly.”

No trophies may have been brought home this season, but with winter and spring still to come, the possibility to gain some honor and pride is up for grabs.