Ms. Bademosi Wins HCPSS Counselor of the Year

On Nov. 10, Guidance Counselor Ms. Irene Bademosi will be honored at a luncheon as HCPSS’s 2017 Counselor of the Year.

Nominated by BCMS teacher Ms. Sandy Harrington, Ms. Bademosi does not consider this award her own. She shares the achievement with the students she works with every day.

“Actually, the award is for my students,” Ms. Bademosi said. “It’s for all of the children I have touched [at Mt. Hebron] over the past 19 years. It isn’t about my own achievements because everything I do is to help them. I refer to my students as my bosses because everything I do is for them.”

Ms. Bademosi was born in Nigeria, Africa, where she went to college and earned two degrees. She moved to America because she fell in love, and then planned to move back to Nigeria. Unfortunately, before she and her husband could move to Nigeria together, he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.

Ms. Bademosi became homeless with her two daughters, ages three and six years old. Due to her hard work and her dedication, Ms. Bademosi was able to build from the bottom up and start her career. After years of persistence, she began her career as a counselor for students.

Ms. Bademosi is not just involved in the Student Services department, but also spearheads projects, sponsors after-school clubs, and meets one-on-one with students. She started a Saturday SAT tutoring partnership with UMBC students and “Alumni Day” presentations at Mt. Hebron.

Ms. Bademosi also co-founded Delta Scholars, Los Vikingos and the Parents of Hispanic Students at Mt. Hebron, in addition to many other clubs. In one of her first years at Mt. Hebron, Ms. Bademosi created a club for the students attending Mt. Hebron who would be the first in their families to get a college degree, just as she was.

Speaking about the meaning of education to her, Ms. Bademosi said, “As a counselor, you are allowed to choose whichever path you want. You can be eclectic or you can set your mind on one particular theory. I am eclectic because I put on different hats for each of my students. I want to be able to meet their individual needs.

“Also my life relates to what I do for my students,” Ms. Bademosie continued. “On my mother’s side, we have many highly educated people — we have ministers, engineers. But on my father’s side, I was the first to have a high school diploma. I knew when I was young I wanted to change things. I wanted to make a difference, so I kept improving since then.”

Student Services ITL Mr. Dan Peabody said, “Ms. Bademosi is incredibly dedicated to the Mt. Hebron community.  Having raised her own children here, she has worked tirelessly for Mt. Hebron for two decades and has proven herself to be passionate about her work with high school students.

“She has boundless energy for her work, toiling daily so that all students have access to the best opportunities available in our community,” Mr. Peabody added. “As a school counselor, Ms. Bademosi is a powerful force for lifelong student success.”

Students who had Ms. Bademosi also commented on the kind of counselor she is. Some said she is helpful, some said she is kind, but all of them said she is always there for them and always ready to do whatever she can to help them.

“You can tell she cares about her students. She puts us before her, and she has a big heart,” sophomore Anna Boyer said.

In addition to the HCPSS Counselor of the Year Award, Ms. Bademosi was also recognized with the 2017 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars Teacher Mentor Award and a 2016 Certificate of Appreciation, given to her by the Mt. Hebron Parents of African-American Students (PAAS).

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