Vikings Show Spirit in 2017

The 2017 Spirit Week was a success, and many students throughout all grades showed their school spirit,especially on color day. Underclassmen stepped up as they challenged the seniors and juniors for points. This year there was a twist in the Spirit Week standings, with the sophomores getting third place, seniors getting second, and the juniors getting first place.

Junior Brooke Yates-Trotman stated, “Every senior class should win their Spirit Week, but then again our class worked really hard this year. I think we deserved it!” 

Yates-Trotman also expressed her appreciation of the latest additions to Spirit Week, which included Movie Day and Vikings-Through-the-Ages Day.

“It was fun to dress up as your favorite movie,” Yates-Trotman said. “I think we should do that again.”

For Vikings-Through-the-Ages Day, each grade dressed up as the era they were assigned. The 

freshmen were the Renaissance, the sophomores were the Jurassic Age, the juniors were the Wild West, and the seniors were the Future.

This year’s additions prompted the classes to work together to formulate creative ideas in order to stand out and impress the judges. Each day of Spirit Week, all of the students went down to the gym and tried to make as much noise as they could to win, as done in previous years. The proud dedication and school spirit exemplified by all Vikings helped make this year’s week special.

Freshman Allie Currie explained, “Overall, last week was just amazing because I got to have so much fun with my friends, and I got to dress up in different ways.”

At Friday’s pep rally, there were performances from the Lancers, the Cavaliers, the cheer teams, and other dance groups. Also, there were representatives from each grade that took part in events, including a tug of war and team relay, to win first place for their grade.

Many people were very excited for the Saturday’s Homecoming Game and Dance to close out Spirit Week. The 2017 Spirit Week left everyone energized and excited.

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