Millionaires Raise Funds for Hurricane Relief

The United States and surrounding areas have been hit by three intense hurricanes — Harvey, Irma and Maria — with over forty inches of rain and winds at a peak of 130 mph. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes to the storm, and it will take almost $500 billion to repair the damages.

To help offset these mounting expenses, Mt. Hebron’s Millionaire’s Club decided to take action. They sold t-shirts and bracelets at lunch in support of the places affected by hurricanes. Half of the proceeds go to the Red Cross for hurricane relief, and the club has already sold over 400 shirts, contributing $500.

To spread awareness of the damages done by the hurricanes, Mt. Hebron students and staff wore these shirts and bracelets on Oct. 4, uniting our school in the fight for hurricane victims. They called it “White Out Wednesday,” a play on the white shirts.

“[We want] to unite Hebron and bring awareness to the situation,” said senior Gracie Buck, the Millionaire’s Club Vice President.

BCMS teacher Ms. Bernadette Bechta, the Millionaire’s Club sponsor said, “We want to set an example that we can be united under more causes.”

Through the past couple of weeks, this group of students has worked hard to spread the news about supporting the men, women and children in need. And that is what the Millionaire’s Club did: they brought unity through the school in support for hurricane victims.

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