New Teachers Don Black and Gold

Ms. Farah Jawhar:

Ms. Jawhar first came to Mt. Hebron as a student and has returned to teach as part of the Math department.

I’m so excited to be back at Hebron, but as a staff member this time around,” Ms. Jawhar said. “I’m really looking forward to getting to know the students and working with the sophomore class board this year!”


Ms. Cheryl Grimes:

Ms. Grimes is the new Black Student Achievement Program (BSAP) Liaison at Mt. Hebron. She splits her time with Mt. Hebron and Atholton.

I look forward to working with students, staff and parents to help all Vikings meet their full potential,” Ms. Grimes said. “While my job indicates that I focus on a specific demographic, I look forward to being a part of the school family, striving to strengthen, support & encourage all students. Mt. Hebron’s commitment to academic excellence is well known, but I am equally excited by the school family’s commitment to community building inside and outside the walls of our school.”

“The start of every new school year brings the promise of a fresh start, an opportunity to sharpen old skills and develop new ones,” Ms. Grimes continued. “High school is the last frontier before the citizens and leaders of tomorrow get their turn to make a mark on their community and the world around them.  It is a great privilege to help guide these students onto the world stage. However, as I am sure any educator would agree, as we guide, we also learn! Therefore I am starting the school year with much anticipation of all the growth this year will bring, both for all our students, myself and our entire school community.  Go VIKINGS!”


Ms. Michele Wilder:

Ms. Wilder has been hired as the new Health Assistant for the school.

I am most excited about working in a new environment with new challenges, new students and new staff,” Ms. Wilder said. “Change is refreshing!”


Ms. Gabriela Joseph:

Ms. Joseph is a new World Language Teacher here at Mt. Hebron. She previously taught at Atholton High School. Ms. Joseph compared Mt. Hebron to a school in Mexico where she was born.

“In Mexico, I used to teach English as a Foreign Language in middle and high school,” Ms. Joseph said. “Schools and students are very different in Mexico! Students there have to wear uniforms, and there is very little diversity; all of the students  are Mexican, and most of them are Catholic. Here in Mt. Hebron, I do appreciate so much diversity! I enjoy learning about their backgrounds and their family’s culture.”

“I really try to make a point on learning students names and correct pronunciation, but it’s hard!” Ms. Josephsaid. “In Mexico, we have long names like Rafael, Fernando or Alejandro. I struggle with monosyllabic names! I like that most students are polite and greet me in the halls. I also like the staff; everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. I like the fact that this is also Dr. Miller’s first year at Mt. Hebron — we have that in common! I am happy to be part of the Vikings, and I am looking forward to a great year!”



Mr. Steven Barker:

Mr. Barker is teaching Theatre Arts and English.

“Hebron so far […] is a pretty interesting school,” Mr. Barker said. “I’ve worked officially in about five or six different school systems, so it’s got it’s own unique differences and is definitely a very active student population. It’s probably […] one of the more affluent schools I’ve worked at.”

“A lot of my schools that I’ve worked in have been more Title 1 kids who come from more difficult backgrounds,” Mr. Barker continued, “so hopefully I am able to bring that sort of real life both in my teaching and my classroom. I can mentor and help out students and be like, ‘This is the real deal, this is life, this is the real world, and you have to be prepared for it, so let’s do that.'”


Ms. Caroline Creeden:

Ms. Creeden is teaching as part of the Art Department.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working at Mt. Hebron so far this year,” Ms. Creeden said. “It is a welcoming and supportive environment. The students are hard-working, dedicated and supportive of one another. I am excited to push my students’ artistic, technical and conceptual skills this year and develop how they can think creativity and problem solve. Art is a subject with endless answers to a single question and all are valid. I’m looking forward to the rest of the school year!”



Ms. Tierney Ahearn

Ms. Ahearn is joining the Viking Community from her previous school, Thomas Viaduct Middle School, and is teaching P.E..

“I LOVE it here so far,” Ms. Ahearn said. “The kids I am fortunate enough to teach are amazing. They treat each other with such respect and work so hard for me — I have enjoyed every moment so far.  In addition to loving the students, the staff is amazing. My department has been incredibly helpful and kind, helping me to transition back into the classroom. I went to high school here, so it is so great to be back wearing black and gold!”


Mr. Matthew Anderson:

Mr. Anderson came from Lake Elkhorn Middle School, and is teaching in the Special Education Department.

“Without giving too much away, I would say that the biggest difference between Mt. Hebron and my previous school is the culture that exists here,” Mr. Anderson said. “I’ve already encountered so many students who just seem to have a natural desire to learn. Mt. Hebron seems to be more than just a vehicle for learning; there are a lot of both students and staff who are deeply connected to the school and want to see everyone here do well.”

“I am very appreciative of the community that exists here and of the role that I will be able to play in preparing the students here for what comes after this,” Mr. Anderson added. “I hope that this is not too obvious of a statement, but I think that another dramatic difference comes as a result of the age of my students. I taught at a middle school for three years prior to my arrival at Hebron; I appreciate the ability to teach students who are closer to being out in the real world, as that seems to create a lot of motivation. By and large, the students here just seem to know what to do; things happen without a lot of questioning and convincing, which makes everyone happier at the end of the day.”


Mr. Kyle Farson:

Mr. Farson is a Special Education Paraeducator and helps as the J.V. assistant soccer coach.

“I absolutely love Mt. Hebron so far this year,” Mr. Farson said. “The staff has really made me feel at home and feel very comfortable in the short amount of time I have been here. They have helped me in so many ways whenever I have needed it. The students are wonderful to work with as well. I am really enjoying coaching the J.V. soccer team. This is a wonderful place to be! I am very excited for my future here at Hebron!”


Ms. Rachel Gostomski:

Ms. Gostomski is a new Paraeducator in the Special Education Department.

“This year, I look forward most to creating new opportunities for students to find success after high school,” Ms. Gostomski said. “Having the opportunity to interact with the students every day and to get the chance to be a part of the students’ lives will be such a rewarding experience. I hope to pass on my own knowledge and personal experiences. I look forward to taking on this new adventure of being a new educator and to get into the creative side of educating. I am extremely happy and proud to be a part of Mt. Hebron High School. This will be a great year!”


Mr. John Jentsch:

Mr. Jentsch is working with the Special Education Department and the ED program.

“I’m enjoying meeting new students here, which still seems to happen almost every day,” Mr. Jentsch said. “Right now, though, I am most excited to see the Homecoming parade. I think my daughter will really enjoy it as well!”


Ms. Jan Richter:

Ms. Richter is working in the Media Center this year.

“I am most excited about working in a library atmosphere and getting to know the students and staff at Mt. Hebron,” Ms. Richter said. “If you ever need help finding materials in the media center, please don’t hesitate to find me!”