Fall Right Into New Fashion

This fall, men and women are spicing up their closets with new fashion trends, including plaid patterns and a variety of floral prints for women. Men are pursuing a more laid-back style this fall, with layered clothing, stripes and prints, and popular female styles will include “mom jeans” and boots. Fall styles are predicted to boast warm, relaxed colors worn on oversized jackets, sweatshirts and T-shirts.

Men’s fashion is bringing flannels, rolled jeans and lots of layering oversized proportions and printed statements. As the temperature decreases, more bomber jackets with fur collars and hoodies will be trending.

As the weather turns colder, women are also favoring cozier outfits. This fall, female styles will include over-sized sweatshirts and t-shirts. As always, jeans are a fashionable fall style, but distressed jeans with holes and rips in them have become wildly popular. Looser, softer and more flowy fabrics are expected to become fall staples as well.

Sophomore Brooke Foyles said, “My favorite trend is off-the-shoulder sweaters because they are versatile, flowy and cute for dressing up.”

Warmer colors, such as burgundy, dark green and grey are all developing into fashionable colors this season, influencing the styles of both men and women. Flannels and tops with plaid or striped patterns flaunt these fall colors.

Sophomore Elizabeth Jackson stated, “I love the warm colors like red, orange and mustard yellow.”

Fashionable brands this fall include Thrasher or Supreme on T-shirts, and Vans, Uggs, Nikes, Adidas and Timberlands remain popular.

“I like any shoes with a flat bottom,” sophomore James Morgan said. “I used to buy Vans just to skate in, but now I think they’re cool and stylish.”

Although the trends have changed for this season, we are expecting to see both men and women pursuing more casual and comfortable styles. These trends will reflect the cool, breezy fall of 2017.