Rihanna Highlights Inclusivity with Fenty Beauty

The makeup world was missing one thing: shades for all skin colors and skin tones, even the harder to match darker shades. Music-giant turned makeup artist, Rihanna, created the brand Fenty Beauty to solve this problem. 

Partnering with Kendo Brands, home of Marc Jacobs Beauty and Kat Von D’s beauty line, the makeup is focused around inclusivity for all women no matter the color of their skin.

“Fenty Beauty was created for everyone, for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures and races. I want everyone to feel included,” Rihanna said on the Fenty Beauty website.

The release of Fenty Beauty sparked a conversation about makeup inclusivity and the launch of the line also started a chain reaction within other big brands emphasizing diversity in their own brands and products. The makeup line has launched in 150 countries around the world, with product prices ranging from $15 to $60. Fenty Beauty, named after the pop sensations surname, has received tremendous praise for its 40 shades of foundation ($34 each) and for all of their products being 100% cruelty free because they are never tested on animals.

While all of Fenty Beauty products are selling out in lightning speed, special attention has been directed to the eight out of 10 shades catering to darker skinned women that sold out on the first day. While being the latest conversation around the world, Fenty Beauty is also being discussed locally, in the halls of Mt. Hebron.

Junior Chae Wilson called the line “inspiring.”

“I like the diversity,” Wilson said. “It includes everyone and encourages other makeup companies to get with the program and make their products for everyone no matter what skin color they are. I’ve only tested one of the foundations so far and was impressed by it. It was kind of pricey, but personally it was worth it and I would purchase it again.”

Fenty beauty is living up to the hype and is being called “one of the most inclusive makeup lines to date.” Rihanna plans to continue perfecting the line and catering to the needs of anyone who wears makeup. Her next big project is creating a Fenty skincare line.

Mt. Hebron junior Kori Johnson said, “Honestly, I think Rihanna really stepped up and is representing for the black girls, everyone, even lighter skinned girls. There’s darker shades, there’s lighter shades, there’s an amazing variety for everybody.”

The release of Fenty Beauty has sparked a conversation across the beauty community about inclusivity and having options for all skin tones.