Red Sox Watch Yankees’ Hand Signals

The Boston Red Sox were recently caught using Apple Watches to pick up the New York Yankees’ hand signals. Coach John Farrell was questioned about any knowledge he might have had about the incident.

Farrell said he did not know anything about players using technology to steal signs, but he said that he knew of the rule in which no technology was allowed in the dugout. Farrell explained that it was in the league’s hands, not his.

Mt. Hebron senior baseball player Ben Adelman explained his view about the incident. “I think they should be penalized because it’s cheating, and that’s not acceptable in any sport,” he said. “It gives the team that’s doing it a huge advantage, and it’s just straight up wrong.

“It’s just not how professionals should act these days,” Alderman continued. “It puts a bad reputation on the league itself, but it’s worse for the organization.”

The way the Red Sox cheated seemed easy enough. By using a camera in center field, members of the Red Sox analyzed and decoded the signals the catcher made to the pitcher during the game to match each hand signal with its corresponding pitch. Next, the information about the signals was sent to the member of the training staff that was wearing an Apple Watch in the dugout.

That staff member then informed the players in the dugout on what each signal was. Whenever a Red Sox runner was on second base, someone from the dugout would relay the information to that runner. The runner would then make a gesture to the batter after reading the catcher’s signals. Knowing what kind of pitch might be thrown gives the batter a lead on what to expect to swing at.

“Boston sports have been known to cheat, and they will continue to do so if it means they win,” said Mt. Hebron senior baseball player Alex Bolton. “I think since they used technology, they should be fined and should not be able to use technology in the dugout.”

New England sports teams have been caught cheating in the past. In 2007, the New England Patriots recorded the New York Jets team practices. The Patriots were fined $250,000, and Head Coach Bill Belichick was fined $500,000. The team was also stripped of its first-round draft pick for the next year. The Patriots still made it to the Super Bowl, but were stunned by the New York Giants.

Then again in 2015, the Patriots and Brady were prosecuted for “deflategate,” where the team deflated the balls to give Brady an advantage. The Patriots won their game, but Brady was suspended for four games two seasons later.

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