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Soak up Some Sun in New Summer Fashion

School is ending and summer is approaching! Summer of 2017 will bring along a whole new set of carefree style trends. This year’s trends consist of a variety of twisted colors paired with unique fabrics to make the clothing totally original. From the off-the-shoulder tops and dresses to the returning one-piece bathing suits, these trends are all fun and vibrant. Female styles are changing, but boys continue to work timeless casual looks with a few rebounding clothing patterns that have resurfaced. Both styles will exemplify confident, careless vibes this summer.


The summer of 2017 will consist of the popular tie-front shirts, mesh clothing, rompers and mix & match bathing suits for girls. Also, be prepared to be blown away by new sparkly, bright makeup products, such as highlighters, that have recently been spotted on Instagram. But one accessory seems to top the style charts:  chokers. They have recently become trendier than ever. Female summer styles will be laid-back and relaxed.

For boys, light wash denim pieces and sports inspired looks have become very popular. Printed tees, especially camo, and tonal outfits are also expected to make a splash this summer. In regards to footwear, Adidas and Nike remain the most popular sneakers, while Vans, another popular brand, is expanding to broaden its market. Currently, guys are choosing to cling to their the casual, mellow styles.  

Sophomore Mohamed Shafie, with his unique and personalized style, said “bleached attire,” and “clear lens glasses” are his favorite style trends of this summer due to the originality of the trend

 itself. Shafie explained he admires celebrity Kanye West for his authentic, “lit” approach to fashion.

Freshman Anyla Bailey differed from Shafie. Bailey described her sense of fashion as “simple,” and explained her love for stars like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner for their “ different,” yet “chill” looks. Bailey claims to stick with a pair of ripped jeans, a plain tee, and Vans.

Freshman Olivia Minnich, with a style she described as “casual, relaxed, comfortable and earthy,” mentioned that personalizing your style is a way to make it trendy and most suitable for you.

In regards to her favorite trends, Minnich said, “My favorites would definitely be the embroidery that I have been seeing. I love this because it fits my style perfectly, it’s so earthy and cute, yet it doesn’t make an article of clothing uncomfortable.”

Minnich also favored the bleached and distressed T-shirts, as well as crochet bikinis, which are all very prominent trends displayed on social media.

It’s clear the upcoming trends aim to uphold the comfortable, confident and carefree vibes that has everyone excited for summer!


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