New Makeup Trends to Follow This Spring

Glossy eyes

Glossy eyes have become a very prominent trend that can be seen all over social media as well as several high-fashion shows. By using a gloss of any kind, including lip gloss and vaseline, one can achieve a wet and glazed look on the lids that many find aesthetically pleasing.

Lip gloss

Last year, everyone was in love with matte everything, especially lipstick. This year, everybody is in love with glossy lips. One can apply a gloss or use a gloss serum over any lipstick, matte or regular, to achieve this glistening look.


People are loving the color pink recently. Some would even call it the new neutral. Rose-toned eye shadow shades have become beloved by makeup admirers since fall of 2016, but it does not stop there. Many are accenting their pink eye looks with pink highlighter to make a truly lustrous appearance.


This contemporary trend can be seen on the runways and all over the internet. Monochromatic is essentially using the same color for the eyes, lips, and blush to make a vibrant, colorful complexion. One can attempt a bold, intense look by using brighter and flashier colors, or just go for a flush of neutral, subdued colors.

Drawing under the lower lash line

This trend has been filling Instagram timelines around cyberspace. The intention is to essentially use eyeliner to make it seem like the lower lashes are longer than they really are. Lines are drawn from where the lashes end naturally and are whisked out, mimicking natural lash shape to create this perfect illusion.

Eyeliner around eye

This bold new eyeliner look is sweeping the nation and giving people the chance to be especially creative with their makeup looks. Instead of the generic line over the natural lashes, lines and designs can be made anywhere on or around the lid and on the under eye. This is crushing the standard perfect winged liner that everyone struggles to achieve.


Glitter has become a very popular trend that many are hopeful will stay for a while. Any feature can be covered in glitter to create a unique look. Glitter lips are especially popular and are inspired by anime.

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