Weird Weather Perplexes Students

Maryland has been known for its infamous weather that seems to change drastically day to day.  This past winter has been no different. With all of the unusually warm days throughout the winter season, people were beginning to wonder what happened to Maryland’s normal amount of snow.

Then just this week, Howard County had its first snow day after a long night of snowfall, where temperatures dipped down into the teens and caused a full day off on Tuesday and a delay on Wednesday. But aside from this very rare snow day, there have not been any other snow days this winter as Maryland and the rest of the country get ready to head into spring with the least amount of sleep endured in a few years.

There are more reasons than one on why this winter has been so weird.

Thunderstorms have been frequenting the forecast along with temperatures in the sixties and seventies. This sounds like a typical weather report for April or May, but this is not normal for late February/early March.  

Another aspect of the abnormality of this warm weather annoys students in the Howard County Public School System. There has been one snow day and only two delay due to snow or ice the entire winter. Normally, there are usually at least three or four days off with around the same amount of delays. In fact, last year’s blizzard alone gave us six days off. The lack of snow days is another source of concern and confusion for locals.

High temperatures have been felt all across the nation, so this is not just unique to Maryland.

In certain places in the U.S.this winter, the heat has broken multiple records. On Feb. 24, Boston’s temperature reached a high of 73 degrees, which is the highest temperature ever recorded in the city for this time of the year. Other records in major cities that were set this February include Cincinnati at 77 degrees, Louisville at 81 degrees, and Albany at 73 degrees. Albany’s high was not only the high for February, but also the high for the entire winter. Houston recorded its warmest winter on record, with an average temperature of 61.5 degrees.

While most people are really enjoying this warm spring or summer-like weather, others prefer a more traditionally cold winter.

Sophomore Ashwin Shankar said, “I wish we could get more snow. I’m pretty upset. I like cold weather.”

Many seniors in Mt. Hebron and across the country are also upset that they have had very little days off to relax and enjoy the snow.

Other than the one very rare snow day in Maryland, this winter has been one of the strangest that the U.S. has experienced in years. As spring nears and the warm weather continues, America will say goodbye to another warm winter season.

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