Nintendo “Switches” It Up

On March 3, Nintendo released a brand new gaming system called the Nintendo Switch. With an all new design and a groundbreaking new way to play classic games, this product flew off of the shelves in a matter of days, causing Nintendo to double their production of the system.

By the end of March, Nintendo predicts they will have shipped over two million Switches, according to CNBC, a number that looks promising to the future of the Switch. With the release of the console, Nintendo also released their continuation of the popular gaming series “The Legend of Zelda” with a new game made specifically for the Switch called “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” With all new graphics and a new, innovative way to play with the new Switch controls, fans of the game and the console were immediately addicted.

The Switch itself is quite different from other Nintendo gaming systems like the Wii, the Gamecube, and the DS. The Switch is made up of two main parts, the main screen and the two wireless controllers, or Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons are small portable controllers that can attach directly to the screen for up close, immersive gameplay, can attach to a controller grip for classic controller gameplay, and can be used separately for a brand new way to play. The versatility and portability of this system helped make it an instant hit among kids and adults alike.

The Switch is filled with top notch, cutting edge technology that allows it to be fast, easy and fun to play. Playing with friends and family has never been easier with a faster, more responsive controller that uses Bluetooth 4.1 to quickly connect to the system. With a battery life of 6.5+ hours, this device can be taken anywhere, with ease. The system can be charged with a normal USB cable, but a new feature was added; when the Joy-Cons are connected to the system while its charging, they are also charged as well. One final important feature is the 32GB storage, which allows for more space for as many games as the consumer wants to play.

Along with the innovative new controllers, the Switch also utilizes a new display system as well. For mobile on the go play, the main screen comes with a built in stand to hold itself up. But for in home play, Nintendo created a dock that allows the player to easily “switch” from the portable screen to having it projected onto the TV. All the player has to do is slide the screen into the dock and it is immediately displayed on the TV or device they have it hooked up to. As an added bonus, the dock charges the Switch while the user is playing it.

With upcoming titles set to come out for the Switch, like a new Fifa game and a new Pokémon game, and original Nintendo games like “Arms” and “Splatoon 2,” the Nintendo Switch is sure to be a hit for years to come.

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