What’s Not to Love About Valentine’s Day?

Feb. 14th means different things to everyone. For some, it means a cheesy day filled with chocolate and heart-shaped balloons. For others, it may mean buying a box of chocolates and curling up on the couch, resenting being single and scheming all the different ways to make sure they do not live like this for the next year. Couples walk through parks, families spend the day together, and many celebrate anniversaries.

For many years, Valentine’s Day has been under debate, many believing it is a nice day to spend with the one you love, while others think it is cheesy and meant to convince people to spend money on flowers and candy. Mt. Hebron students are caught in this debate as well.

“I’m happy for people who are in a relationship,” freshman Bryan Sanchez said.

While most people know of the present-day romantic Valentine’s Day with chocolate hearts and stuffed bears, many people do not know the true meaning behind Valentine’s Day, where St. Valentine broke the law and wed couples before young men went off to battle.

When walking through the hall of a school on Valentine’s Day, many couples are seen laughing and cuddling. For some people, they become very uncomfortable and unsure of themselves, while Valentine’s Day does not cause much emotion for others.

“I’m mostly just neutral about it,” said sophomore Darin Wilson.

Sophomore Ania Williams said, “Sometimes I feel a bit insecure about myself, [thinking] why don’t I have a boyfriend. And then I’m just like, you know what? I don’t really care.”

For those who are not in relationships, Valentine’s Day sheds light on a different type of love. “I get to hang out with my friends and do other stuff,” Williams said.

For those who have known each other for years, it is still a fun day to be together, but not in a romantic way.

Science teacher Ms Mary Ann. Sankey said, “[It’s] lovely being together. It’s very nice, too.”

Throughout the Mt. Hebron community, adults, children and students alike celebrate their years together on Valentine’s Day, whether it has been one year or ten years.

“I surprised [my girlfriend] with a box of chocolates and a stuffed animal,” said senior Victor Razuri.

People all over the world gather to celebrate the day of love through all the years, surprising their loved ones with acts of kindness, love and appreciation. With all the love in the air, Mt. Hebron truly sees the love between friends, families and couples throughout the school and Mt. Hebron community.

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