Winter Concerts Bring Cheer to Holiday Season

mhz-238645-41551617After weeks of hard work and preparation, the orchestra, band and choir came together to bring Mt. Hebron the much-anticipated Winter Concerts. While the concerts took place on cold and windy days, those in attendance forgot about the harsh weather outdoors during the different performances. Each ensemble delivered a colorful and passionate experience to the audience.

The doors first opened on Dec. 15, and the auditorium was packed. Each performance went smoothly over the next two days. The ensembles covered a variety of sounds ranging from Vivaldi, Bacak and Pentatonix. In order to celebrate the upcoming holidays, the concerts also included songs like “Carol of the Bells,” “Mary Did You Know,” “Sleigh Ride” and “Let It Snow.” The String Ensemble performed on Thursday along with the Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Men and Women’s Choir and the Chorale. On Friday, the Stage Band performed with the String Orchestra, the Winds and Jazz Band. The Chamber Choir, Concert Choir and Full Ensemble wrapped up the performances on Friday night.

mhz-238031-41439702“With only the six weeks that we had in between marching season and concert season, it was a really fabulous concert, from all the groups.” said Band Director Ms. Nicole Papadatos.

Even though the ensembles would have preferred more time to perfect their pieces, senior Kevin Nichols commented that, “everyone was really prepared.”

The ensembles worked very hard to display their skills during the concerts, and in the end, it showed.  Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the performances.

mhz-238645-41551522“All of the hard work that was put into the winter concerts from all of the groups was totally worth it and payed off,” said freshman band student Lara Abedin.

Mt. Hebron’s music program is one of the biggest in Howard County. One third of the school population is a part of the program, which consists of three bands, two orchestras and four choirs. The music program has grown every year as various smaller music groups and classes take part in the different musical activities.

Any student with a love for the art of music is encouraged to take part in the music program at Mt. Hebron because it is a rewarding and fun experience that gives people a chance to meet new people and improve on musical abilities.

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