Alumni Day Welcomes Back Former Vikings

On Dec. 21, alumni were welcomed back to Mt. Hebron by teachers and students. The former Vikings started Alumni Day by obtaining their visitors’ passes and visiting different locations including classrooms, the media center, and the auditorium to talk about the challenges students will face in college and to share their insights on the excruciatingly long college process for the seniors. They spoke about their past experiences in high school and what students should expect when they enter the real world, from working jobs to finding internships.

Forgrave talks to a class of juniors and seniors.

“I would encourage [seniors] to get out of their comfort zones when they go into college and not to be afraid to get involved in something they never got involved in or something they didn’t think they’d be interested in. I would encourage them to take a risk because college is all about finding yourself,” shared former Viking Scarlet Forgave, who graduated in 2014 and is studying at Salisbury University.

“[My] advice would be to ask questions and make connections,” advised Monica Sebastian, who graduated in 2016 and is a current first year studying Economics at the University of Virginia.

Nick Cortina, who graduated from Mt. Hebron in 2012 and from Georgetown University in 2016, also stressed the importance of making connections, building relationships, and networking in college.  He actually got his job as a Program Manager at Atlas Service Corps by having coffee with the Washington, D.C.-based non-profit’s founder, who is also a Georgetown alumnus.

“It’s important to do well in your classes, but I think you gain the most from investing in personal relationships with professors and other students,” Cortina said to a class of seniors. “Taking the initiative to simply reach out to others will go a long way in building up your success.”

The alumni also expressed their love and gratitude for the school by coming back and speaking to the current Vikings. They shared how the education they received at Mt. Hebron made learning in college easier. Mt. Hebron has countless opportunities for its students to succeed, whether it is in the academics, sports or the arts.

Rachel Bowman and Cortina give advice about college to a senior English class.

“I felt like Hebron gave me enough of a workload that I was prepared for what college was going to be. I had to manage my time a lot in the AP classes I took here,” said Forgave.

When the alumni came back, some of them experienced nostalgia. They missed their Mt. Hebron days.

“I miss the people at Hebron and the familiarity of the school,” shared Sebastian.

Students and teachers enjoyed the visits. Teachers were incredibly proud and happy to see their former students, while current Mt. Hebron students appreciated the alumni’s helpful advice.

“I gained a new perspective on college, because some of the alumni told us how it does not matter what college you go to or where you end up since it will all work out in the end,” said senior Kenny Wang, who will be heading off to college soon.

Alumni Day was a huge success this year, and it will continue to be impactful in the future.

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