Social Media Updates Create New Features for Users

Apple, along with other social media apps, recently released a series of new updates. One of the most important of these is the newest iOS 10.2 software update for iPhones. This includes a handful of brand new emojis, more iMessage effects, and the lastest TV app. Many users also began using social media updates that were recently released. For example, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter all produced new updates of their own.

Recently, there was a trend in live broadcasting features within many apps. Beginning Dec 14, 2016, all Twitter users can start their own live broadcast. Twitter intended to allow its users to be able to do their own live broadcasts on its app rather than having to use the popular livestreaming app, Periscope. Instagram also created a similar idea with its new live streaming and disappearing photos feature. Now users can record live videos and send rapid images or videos to others.

“Instagram should always be for pictures. I would improve it by making it go back to its original ways,” Sophomore Alexis Wilson said.

On Dec. 13, 2016, Snapchat announced its latest innovation known as, Quick Chat. With Quick Chat, Snapchat users are able to send snaps to a group of up to 16 friends, using the same guidelines of any snap, meaning all sent images would still vanish within the 24-hour limit. They also introduced two creative tools, the scissors and paintbrush. These new tools allow Snapchatters to cut and paste images, as well as paint on them.

Freshman Kelly Barnes stated, “Of all the updates, the Snapchat one is the most handy and original. I personally don’t use Twitter very much, and I think with Facebook having livestream, the Instagram and Twitter one isn’t really relevant.”

More importantly, the latest iOS 10.2 software update for iPhones launched the current TV app that permits Apple consumers to access a series of movies, and television shows easily. Also, there has been a release of over 100 new, redesigned emojis. These emojis include new faces, foods, animals, sports, and professions. Additionally, it improves the organization and clarity of photos, while presenting new effects that can be used for iMessage.

Freshman Anna Hoffman said, “The new emojis are really cute, and I like how they have ones that are accepting to all races, genders, and sexual orientations.”

She also added that she liked Snapchat’s scissors feature and group chatting aspects of the current Snapchat update.

It appeared that Snapchat was the most favored social media app due to its different and creative improvements to its app. As opposed to promoting the live streaming feature, this app is devoted to providing its users a chance to interact and share their creative works with each other.

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