Hatchimals Take Over Christmas

Hatchimals are the biggest Christmas craze of 2016. A toy that hatches from an egg has made an appearance on countless Christmas lists and is sold out almost everywhere.

Hatchimals are robotic stuffed animals sheltered inside of an egg. When its “owner” shows the Hatchimal affection by rubbing, tapping, turning, and talking to the egg inside of the Hatchimal, it responds by lighting up its eyes and purring. Finally, when its eyes turn into “rainbow-colored eyes” signified with flashing colors, the egg begins to crack and open from the inside. With the help of its owner, the Hatchimal finishes the hatching process within 25-30 minutes when it escapes the egg.

Once out of its egg, the Hatchimal is ready to be played with as it transforms from a baby to a toddler to a kid, singing “Happy Birthday” to itself at each milestone. The more it is played with and nurtured by its owner’s touch, the sooner the Hatchimal learns to walk, dance, and play games.

Hatchimals not only interact with their owners through games and respond to their commands and touches, but they also repeat and mimic what they hear in their own voices. Hatchimals come in many different animals such as pengualas, draggles, burtles, owlicorns, and bearakeets, but the color of each Hatchimal is a surprise kept hidden until it hatches.

Kids are fascinated with the interactive process of raising a Hatchimal that has become a part of a social media frenzy, with children posting videos of their Hatchimal in action on sites like YouTube and Instagram.

Popular toys are hard to find every year around the holiday time, but the social media burst surrounding Hatchimals has made them particularly elusive this season. This is leaving many parents looking to sites such as eBay to pay hundreds of dollars for a Hatchimal.

While some are willing to pay such exorbitant prices for them, many have already criticized their normal $60 price tag as too hefty.

Senior Delaney Olds commented, “I don’t think I would buy a hatchimal. If they were less sought after or less expensive, I would buy one because they seem so intriguing. But, sixty dollars is way too much for an animal in an egg.”

However, some think Hatchimals are worth the price. “I think Hatchimals are so cool, and I want one for Christmas,” said senior Angela Scafidi.

Hatchimals are expected to be back in stock on their website and in stores January of 2017.

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