Are You Doing Your Makeup Wrong?

Sometimes makeup can be tricky and confusing. We all make mistakes — sometimes without even knowing. This article is intended to steer you in the right direction by improving your makeup knowledge. Here are some common makeup mistakes.

Sleeping in Makeup:

Sometimes you are just so tired that taking off makeup is the least of your worries when nighttime rolls around. It does not seem like a big deal to keep makeup on overnight, but it definitely is. Night is the time of the day that the skin rejuvenates itself. When makeup is on, the skin cannot do this, which can cause skin damage, breakouts, and over time, premature wrinkles. All of this can be avoided by simply washing your face every night.

Pumping Brush in Almost Empty Mascara

Everyone has tried pumping their mascara wand in the tube when it was next to empty instead of scooping up the remnants. In reality, this is just pushing air into the tube and drying up what ever amount is left. Using dried up mascara causes clumpiness on the lashes. So next time, just go buy a new one.untitled

Wearing Waterproof Mascara Too Much

Waterproof mascara should not be worn every day. Not only is it extremely drying on the lashes, it is also very hard to get off, so one may rub too hard and lose a few eyelashes. If you value your eyelashes, stay clear of waterproof mascara.

Using Old Makeup

A lot of people will continue to use their makeup products until there is none left; however, this cannot always be done. Makeup expires, so if you use the same makeup product for a couple of years, it will no longer be usable and should be thrown away ASAP. Using expired makeup can cause skin irritation and eye infections.

Here are some guidelines on when to throw away your makeup.


Matching Foundation To Back Of Hand

Anyone who has ever gone to a makeup store has probably used the back of their hand to try out colors. But this is not the correct way to test out shades. The back of the hand and the face are actually different colors, so by matching makeup to the back of the hand, you are picking the wrong color for your face.

Neglecting Ears And Neck

A lot of times people will put makeup on their faces and not think twice about putting it anywhere else. The color of the foundation does not always completely match skin color, so by not including the ears and neck there is a noticeable line where the makeup starts. Putting makeup on the neck and ears makes everything blend together.

Not Focusing On Individual Face

Everyone has a different face, so not all the same makeup looks good on everyone. Sometimes when you see someone do their contour a certain way, you may want copy it even though there are distinguishable differences between your faces. It is important to think about your individual face and not what everyone else does with their features.

Not Washing Brushes And Sponges Regularly

Although cleaning up makeup tools can be a tedious and time consuming action, it is crucial to make sure it is done regularly. Using dirty tools can cause breakouts and affect the makeup application process. The past pigments mix with the current ones and cause a big mess of color and make the makeup look rather lackluster. Make sure to wash tools at least every two weeks.


Not Using Primer

Priming your face may seem like the least important step, but it can make a solid difference in the way your foundation turns out. When a primer isn’t used the oil from the skin mixes with the pigments and can cause slight changes in the color and just overall make it look bad. Primer also helps keep makeup from fading away, so if you want foundation that will last all day, use a primer.

Using Wrong Lighting

Lighting is one of the key components needed to correctly apply makeup. Some make the mistake of applying makeup in a dimly lit area or in light that is nowhere near close to whatever lighting will be present during the day. When you do your makeup, it should be in similar lighting to the lighting of the destination of the day.

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