New Chipotle Bound to Create Competition

It was confirmed that the newest addition to the food industry on Baltimore National Pike, or Route 40 as it is more commonly known, is going to be a Chipotle Mexican Grill. Rumors began to spread after an old building was torn down and replaced by a construction site, but now that the Chipotle has been confirmed, many people have begun to worry about how it will affect their favorite restaurants in the vicinity.

One of the most popular restaurants in the area is a large competitor to the Chipotle chain: Qdoba Mexican Eats. It is not only a well known and liked food chain across America, but it is also a favorite to many students who attend Mt. Hebron.

“I prefer Qdoba because they actually have queso and Chipotle doesn’t,” junior Milan Black shared.

Qdoba’s popularity among the student body is also due to its proximity in relation to the school. Since it is so close, students can get a good meal that is just a short drive away.

But now that Chipotle will be just as close as the Qdoba, students are faced with a dilemma.

Sophomore Kate Lorenz said, “I’ll go to Chipotle [instead of Qdoba]. It used to be so far away, but it is now closer.”

Because Chipotle is such a popular chain, people may decide to take their business to Chipotle instead of Qdoba.

“The new Chipotle will mostly just affect Qdoba,” senior Isabel Sangiorgi commented. “All of the people that wanted to go to Chipotle but couldn’t because it was too far away now won’t have to settle for Qdoba.”

The location Chipotle picked for their new outlet was chosen well because the nearest Chipotle is over 6 miles away. This new location will allow them to cater to people that do not have the time to drive far to get a fast meal. Also, because of its proximity to two high schools, students from both Centennial and Mt. Hebron will be able to enjoy a quick meal right after school.

As Chipotle begins to hire, some members of the community believe that Chipotle’s popularity could take away potential workers from other jobs. Since the restaurant is so new, people looking for a job would rather try a new restaurant than an older and more established one.

As the opening date draws near, consumers now have a choice on their hands. With the restaurant opening by the end of 2016, hungry students will now have to decide which restaurant they want to eat at this holiday season.

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