Adopt A Family Helps Less Fortunate

From Nov. 15 to Dec. 13, the National Honor Society (NHS) is running their Adopt A Family fundraiser to spread holiday joy and help those who may be less fortunate.

NHS Vice President Edima Essien said that, despite the strength of our community, “there are people in the county who are struggling to make ends meet,”

The fundraiser began out of an interest to help those in need, not only regarding necessities, but also with fun and holiday joy. NHS is in the process of raising funds to carry out the effort, with the help of any students willing to contribute. Although the event was organized by NHS, anyone can participate, and they encourage those who are not aware of the project to involve themselves in this great cause.

NHS members and non-NHS students are dividing into groups to raise money and search for gifts to distribute to those in need. Participating students have truly enjoyed the experience in the past. After the funds have been raised and the groups organized, they will head out and pick out toys and treasures for the families. From December 16 to 19, the shopping will take place, followed by the wrapping and preparing. On Dec. 20, gifts will be turned in and readied for delivery, which Essien called, “a really eye-opening experience.”

This is not the first of such fundraisers, as it is an NHS annual winter project. Although they generally are beneficial and rewarding, student involvement can sometimes be difficult, as advertising has to be done to spread the word to students outside of NHS.

NHS sponsor Mrs. Mary Ann Sankey said, “Each year it has gotten more and more support,” as awareness and resources for the project grew.

This year, NHS hopes that each participating student contributes at least $20 to the fund so that NHS can reach their goal. Even though this goal sets high expectations, with the help of Mt. Hebron students, it can be made possible.

What started as a small, personal fundraiser has evolved into a big, meaningful effort that involves dozens of students to help even more families in need. So go grab a sign-up sheet, gather a group of friends, and get working.

Like a determined group of Santa’s elves, NHS hopes to make this a merry holiday time for everyone in the community, using Mt Hebron as a symbol of unity and making sure Howard County remains strong.

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