Different Ideologies Debate Recent Presidential Election

The feud between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump is still ongoing weeks after the close election due to Jill Stein’s recent efforts to initiate recounts in swing states such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.  According to Stein, these states’ voting machines are vulnerable and were even banned in California because of their lack of security features that make it easier for hackers to skew voting results.

On Nov. 8, Trump was elected president of the United States of America. With his 276 electoral votes, he beat his democratic opponent, Clinton, with her 228 votes. Although Trump has won the Presidency, Clinton won the popular vote.

Everyone has different opinions about each candidate. Many consider Donald Trump a breath of fresh air from the normal politicians in Washington; however, there are many issues with his stances on specific topics.

For one, he has told his supporters several times that he plans to overturn Obergefell V. Hodges, the Supreme Court case that legalized same sex marriage. How are all Americans supposed to support a president who does not believe everyone should be allowed to marry?

Not only does he plan to do this, but he has also stated that he wants to overturn Roe V. Wade, the case that decided that a woman has the right to privacy when seeking an abortion. By eliminating this, Trump would be forcing each and every woman who wants to have an abortion to state publicly her reasons for terminating the pregnancy. This is a huge invasion of privacy for all women and their bodies.

Trump also intends to deport many immigrants, even those who have been living in the U.S. for decades, which would result in families being torn apart and sent back to dangerous countries. He has also addressed many Mexican immigrants as “rapists and murders,” generalizing an entire, hardworking group in America as criminals. Many would say that there are so many illegal immigrants because it takes up to 20 years to be vetted for entry, and those who are escaping dangerous situations do not have that time. Therefore, would deporting them again and making it harder to enter our nation truly solve this issue? Most likely not, yet this is what Trump wants to do.

Trump has also been involved in several sexual assault cases, including claims made by at least twelve women and one of his ex-wives. In addition to being a possible sex offender, he also unapologetically makes fun of women’s looks and body functions. While making his way to be the Republican presidential nominee, he insulted Republican rivals Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, as well as many journalists, such as Megyn Kelly.

However, there are many Americans who find Trump a successful entrepreneur who knows exactly what to do to help the nation.

The U.S. is in great debt, over $19.5 trillion to be exact. Trump is the president of The Trump Organization, which includes real estate, golf courses, casinos, and hotels, among many other successful businesses. His skills with money and knowing how to bring in a large sum of money will be very beneficial to this country. Many people tend to focus on his minute failed projects and businesses rather than his wide array of successful ones.

Trump intends to take immediate action to replace the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He would like to appoint a conservative in Scalia’s place. For those with conservative viewpoints, such an appointment would greatly benefit the Supreme Court because the majority of the justices would then be on the conservative side, resulting in more conservative rulings.

Illegal immigrants are a highly controversial topic, and many people on the liberal side strongly disagree with the President-elect’s viewpoint. Approximately 11.4 million illegal immigrants reside in the U.S., and a portion of those have criminal records. He wants to deport these criminals to their countries of origin to lower the crime rate and ensure the safety of America. Trump claims he is not against immigrants so long as they enter the country legally.

Trump also wants to suspend any immigration coming from terror-prone areas, especially the Middle East. Since ISIS has posed a great threat to all nations, this proposal is to ensure the safety of the U.S.

The year 2016 has been a surprising year in politics.  Both Trump and Clinton have been surrounded by controversy and have received severe criticism from each party.  Even though many differing views are present, the United States will always remain the democratic country that it is.