Is Christmas Overshadowing Thanksgiving?

Don’t rush to deck the halls — there is still Thanksgiving to look forward to! Every year after Halloween, people tend to set Thanksgiving aside and anxiously begin to await Christmas. Even social media and retailers excite viewers with their latest Christmas shopping advertisements and products. But is it really necessary to start this early? Although the public gravitates toward the excitement of Christmas, it is important to honor Thanksgiving as the wholesome holiday it is.

Since 1863, Thanksgiving Day has been a holiday of celebration in which individuals share thanks for all that they have. Various people are losing sight of this message and focusing on the what they want for Christmas, but it is also fun to get involved in the festivities of Thanksgiving. Around this time of year, families typically join together to enjoy a sizeable meal. You could help cook, donate to those in need, enjoy the annual Thanksgiving Day NFL football game, or just spend time with family. There are also Thanksgiving parades held in different cities and towns. In comparison to Christmas, Thanksgiving is an enjoyable fall-centric holiday concentrated on family and food.

Christmas, being one of the most favored holidays, tends to excite many with its traditional songs, time of laughter, joy, and togetherness. It can become infectious to many to start planning for Christmas once Halloween has come to an end.

Freshman Finnian Devine believes Thanksgiving is an important holiday that “should be highly acknowledged,” he said, but he also expressed his personal love for Christmas as an extremely joyful time of year.

“I prefer Christmas over Thanksgiving because during Christmas, I really love the mood that everyone has — all the festive lights, food, and, of course, presents,” Devine said.

Sophomore Faith Kip agreed when describing her infatuation with Christmas as opposed from Thanksgiving.

“I consider this my favorite because it’s one of the holidays where everyone in my family gets together just to spend time and appreciate each other’s company,” Kip said. “I like Thanksgiving, but it’s never been more than a day to eat for my family. Christmas is more personal and familial.”

This appeared to be a trend as junior Jenny Dinh said, “Though the abundance of food is great on Thanksgiving, I prefer Christmas. The whole joyful vibe and gift-giving outshines Thanksgiving just a little.”

Thanksgiving may be the next upcoming holiday, but it is clear that the Christmas fever is undeniable. Many seem anxious to join the countdown to presents and jingle bells.

Senior Jenyfer Boyer stated she does not find it too early to begin counting down. In fact, Boyer said, “I love the meaning of Christmas and how it’s all about giving.”

Even with all the eagerness for Christmas, hopefully everyone has a great Thanksgiving and is excited as we approach this national holiday.

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