Fall TV Shows Return with Spooky Twist

With Halloween just around the corner and fall in full swing, it is not only time to break out the sweatshirts and sweatpants, but it is also time to get ready to be scared. Some famous, spooky television shows are coming back.

The infamous “American Horror Story” has made a grand return for its sixth season, “My Roanoke Nightmare,” and it is as chilling as ever. “My Roanoke Nightmare” is about a young couple, Shelby and Matt Miller, who live in California. One night, they get attacked on a street.  This leaves Matt hospitalized and Shelby with a miscarriage. The couple then moves to Roanoke, North Carolina after deciding that living in the city was not for them. The couple falls in love with a lovely house, but a strange man tells them they will regret buying. After moving into the house, strange, paranormal things begin to happen to the couple.

Those who watch “American Horror Story” are aware of the fact that the seasons do not tie together. However, this particular season has made references back to a line that was screamed in an episode of season one, “Murder House.” Violet, a character in the first season, used the spell “croatoan” on Chad and Patrick, who were ghosts of the house, to get rid of them. The couple in Roanoke attempt to cast the same spell on their new house, but to no avail.  The spell did not work in either seasons of the show.

Mt. Hebron junior Kate Hammond, a long time fan of “American Horror Story,” stated, “I don’t like [this season] because it’s generic and the writers aren’t as creative as they have been in past seasons. In my opinion, the best seasons are ‘Murder House’ and ‘Asylum.’ ”

You can catch “American Horror Story” on FX every Wednesday at 10 P.M.

Meanwhile, on AMC, the thrilling zombie apocalypse aftermath has back with its seventh season. “The Walking Dead” has portrayed the journey of a group of post-apocalyptic survivors living on a day-to-day basis, encountering new challenges in each episode. Throughout the years, they have found several different sanctuaries, but they could never stay for too long due to disruptions caused by other survivors or zombies. Season six ended with the group in a protected community in Alexandria, Virginia. Everything was going well until Negan arrived.

Negan was the leader of another group of survivors that came into contact with the main group on the show, causing friction between the two. His army was so large that no one actually knew who Negan was until the final episode. At the end of the season finale, Negan murders an original, well-loved character, but it is unclear who he has killed.

“The season six finale was the biggest cliffhanger we’ve had, especially for a season finale,” junior Rachel Dolce said. “There is plenty of speculation about who he killed, and at one point, the majority of those who watched the show believed it to be Glenn Rhee or Daryl Dixon.”

“I’m ready for some clarification on all the ideas left open from last season, including the major character death we are all waiting to discover,” Dolce added.

Viewers of “The Walking Dead” have long anticipated the return of the show, which premiered on Oct. 23.

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