New Program Gives Underclassmen More After-School Opportunities

Mt. Hebron will now be providing an After School Activities Bus in order to contribute to the academic success of its students. The bus will be leaving from the front of the school at 3:55 P.M.to four local areas: Liter Court and Liter Drive, Hollifield Station Elementary School, Town and Country and West Spring Drive, and Worthington Elementary School. This service is available every Tuesday and Thursday through May 18, 2017.

Assistant Principal Dr. William Neugebauer acknowledged how difficult it can be for younger students to have the ability to stay after school because of the lack of transportation.

“We wanted to provide an opportunity for students to succeed,” Dr. Neugebauer said. “The overall goal of the program is for student to take advantage of the opportunities given between Viking Time and After School Programs to be true advocates for themselves.”

Dr. Neugebauer also highlighted the fact that the activity buses are mainly provided by a grant and students in need should use utilize this resource.

“For me to participate in a club for about 20 minutes then to be stuck at school for hours would be very inconvenient,” Sophomore Brooke Yeates-Trotman stated. “I appreciate the fact that I can take an after school bus home.”

This seems to be a common issue for many underclassmen. It can be difficult to participate in after school activities since many parents work.

Students wishing to take the after school bus can get a blue bus ticket from a teacher and submit a parent-signed Beyond School Hours Permission Form to Dr. Neugebauer. The bus will act as a means of transportation for students who need to stay after school for makeup work, detention, club meetings, sports practices or even tutoring.

The Media Center will remain open until 4:00 P.M. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for additional studying and computer use.

Sophomore Olivia McLean stated that she typically stays after school to review academic work or to study.

“I’m glad that they have an after school bus, so now I won’t have to stay after school until like 6:00 or 7:00,” McLean said.

Sophomore Avani Rastogi stays after school to attend club meetings and for extra studying. Like McLean, Rastogi explained that she does not always have a ride home, so the after school bus would be very beneficial to her.

“I like that it has different stops that are suitable for everyone to be able to ride it,” Rastogi said.

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