Woodley Arrested at DAPL Protests

Shailene Woodley, a well-known actress and star of “The Fault In Our Stars,” “The Divergent Series,” “The Secret Life of the American Teenager,” and other movies, was arrested on Oct. 10 for protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in St. Anthony, North Dakota. In the video recorded on “Facebook Live,” Woodley showed the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe holding signs that read, “Defend the Sacred” and “Water is Life.”

The DAPL is a pipeline that transfers crude oil from production areas in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. It is meant to make oil production faster so that it can be sold more efficiently.

Many Native American tribes are protesting the DAPL because the pipeline is planned to be built on sacred burial grounds. The pipeline is said to go under many of the tribes’ loved ones’ graves, and they are afraid that it could break everything buried in those areas. Another concern is that there is an enormous threat to their water supply. The water could easily be contaminated by the oil pipelines. These problems could drastically change the lives of the tribes living in those areas, and they want their voices to be heard in order to get their ideas spread to the oil industries.

Although there are protests, the DAPL is still being built. The video reveals police armed with batons, firearms, helmets, and body armor, ready to fight off the protesters. The protesters are seen standing behind their banners waiting patiently to be arrested.

As the protesters are being shoved away aggressively with batons, Woodley states in the video, “Wow, I’m shaking this is so scary.”

After the protest, Woodley walked back to her RV and saw a gigantic tank and police truck beside it. Police armed with guns were surrounding the vehicles, and Woodley was grabbed by the jacket by an officer and told to stay. She was then placed under arrest and was led to a police car.

Mt. Hebron sophomore Kaia Godsey has respect for Woodley. “I think that it’s extremely brave for her to be willing to get arrested for an issue she’s passionate about,” she said.

Woodley is passionate about conserving the planet’s beauty and protecting people’s rights. In the spring of 2016, she caucused with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in his race to become the Democratic Presidential nominee. While caucusing, she spoke at the conventions about what she stands for and why she is voting for Sanders.

Woodley is not afraid to express her political views and her perspective on how Mother Nature and Native Americans are being treated, which is why she went to protest in the first place. Woodley wants people to know that the DAPL is a crisis for native people and that it is far more damaging than it is helpful.

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