Adele Says “Hello” to D.C.

The popular music artist Adele came to the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 10 and 11 on her “25” World Tour.  It was her 93rd show out of her 107-concert tour.

Both of her shows in Washington, D.C. were sold out in less than a minute, and people frantically volunteered to pay thousands of dollars for single tickets if they were unable to initially purchase any.

In the hour leading up to her performance, a video of her closed eyes covered the screen behind her, and just as she began to sing her opening song, the eyes flashed open to reveal the photo on her “25” album cover.

Adele chose to open her shows without an opening act, opting to make her own dramatic entrance in her signature black sparkling dress as she sang “Hello,” arguably her most popular song off of her newest album.

Throughout her shows in D.C., Adele sang many of her biggest hits, such as “Hello,” “Rumor Has It,” “Send My Love,” “Someone Like You,” “Chasing Pavements,” “Set Fire to the Rain,” and “Rolling in the Deep.”

In between her more serious songs, she led a candid and comical banter with the audience in which she discussed her personal life and, most notably, the upcoming election, urging her fans to make sure they register to vote, stressing the importance of this particular election, despite her British nationality.

She discussed the making and creation of her music and became emotional on stage when she sang songs from her earlier albums, “19” and “21.”

Adele also interacted with several of the audience members, asking couples about their anniversaries and laughing with some expectant mothers in the front row, joking that women often go into labor during her shows. She also invited a pair of sisters onto the front stage with her, giving them hugs and taking selfies with them.

Near the end of the show, she moved to the stage in the center of the arena and walked in a circle around to each section of the audience, making small talk about where they all were from and allowing members of the audience to take selfies with her.

Senior Amanda Jackson, who attended the concert, said, “The concert was just fabulous, and Adele was nothing short of flawless. I sang, laughed, and cried. The concert felt incredibly personable, even though there were 20,000 people in the audience.”

Adele ended the show with a burst of white confetti, each individual piece having one of her more popular song lyrics in her handwriting, that fell to every tier of seats of the venue.

Adele continued the remainder of her world tour and traveled next to Nashville, Tennessee, where her boyfriend of five years and the father of her son, Angelo, replaced her iconic white confetti with pink confetti printed with handwritten love notes to celebrate their anniversary.

Adele will continue and end her tour with concerts in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Mexico.

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