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Save Money with Makeup Dupes

Some may be asking, “What is a dupe?” A dupe is short for duplicate, or a cheaper copy of a high-end product. So many people go out and buy expensive, high-end makeup products for the quality. In most cases, dupes are considered a bit of a beauty secret as certain high-end products have similar properties to them and many companies do not want this to become common knowledge in fear of consumers choosing to purchase the cheaper products rather than their products.

Something very important to remember about dupes is that they are not always a percent match to the more expensive item. An item can be considered a dupe if it is an exact color match and/or formula match. Here are some dupes that will make you feel flawless while still having some extra cash in your pocket:

Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques Sponge







Anyone who loves makeup knows all about Beauty Blenders. Makeup artists all over the globe swear by them and feel that they are an essential tool to own. A few controversies have come up regarding Beauty Blenders and Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. Most individuals who have tried both brands claim that they work exactly the same. Real Techniques is just as good at blending in foundation and even blends a bit faster than a Beauty Blender. Beauty Blenders sell for $19.95 while Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is $7.95. Why pay more than twice as much for a Beauty Blender when Real Techniques works just as well?

Dolce K vs. NYX Cannes







Dolce K by Kylie Cosmetics is said to be very similar to NYX soft cream matte liquid lipstick in the shade Cannes. The shades of the two colors are very similar; the only real difference is that the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick dries better and stays on a bit longer. The lip kit for Dolce K costs $29.00 plus shipping and handling, which brings the price up to almost $50.00 in all. NYX Cannes can be purchased for $6.00.

Nars Orgasm VS. Milani Dolce Pink







Many makeup users know of or even use the blush Nars Orgasm. It is a classic blush that most consider to be their favorite. Milani in the shade Dolce Pink has a very similar color to the Nars blush. Milani blushes can be purchased for about $7.00 or $8.00, while Nars blushes can be bought for a whopping $60.00. That is over a $52.00 difference for very similar colors!

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners vs. Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Stay On Lip Liner








Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners are a very sought-after lip liner because of their long wear and creamy texture. The Rimmel London 1000 Kisses Stay on Lip Liner is said to be very similar and just as good. The color choices between the two are very similar, and  both have the creamy texture. They are very hard to tell apart even though the Smashbox lip liners cost a grand total of $21.00 per liner, while the Rimmel London ones are $3.99.

Anastasia Brow Wiz vs. NYX Micro Brow

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cosmetics is a well-known and loved company mostly due to their eyebrow products. The NYX Micro Brow Pencil is an eyebrow pencil that is said to be a dupe to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. The color for some of the NYX pencils are just like those of the Anastasia Brow Wiz. The main difference between the products is the price. The Anastasia pencils cost $21.00 per pencil while the NYX ones are only $9.99.






Oftentimes more expensive products do not mean better quality. It is quite possible to find similar products for significantly lower prices. When one pays for an expensive product, it is usually for the brand name that comes with it. Dupes are a fantastic way to get the same quality products without going broke. So get out there and get saving!

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