MTH Clubs Create Opportunities for Students

Clubs are an essential aspect to high school communities because they allow students with similar interests to come together. Mt. Hebron has the privilege of hosting dozens of student-driven organizations.

There are a wide variety of clubs at Mt. Hebron that reflect the diverse interests of its students. There are language clubs such as French and Spanish, educational clubs like Math Team and Class Board, sports-driven clubs like Ultimate Frisbee and service oriented clubs like the Special Olympics and UNICEF Club. If students want to create their own club, they need to fill out paperwork and find a teacher willing to sponsor it.

Each year, new clubs make an appearance at Mt. Hebron. Some examples of new clubs are Lawn Sports Club, Feminism Club, Young Dems and Young Republicans. With so many options to choose from, students can now meet new people and get involved. All of the clubs try to be inclusive, fun and interesting, and there is a lot of variation on how studious or laid back they are.

Senior Sophie Greenwell has enjoyed her time in the French Club, and she encourages anyone who’s interested in the French language or culture, regardless of skill level, to join.

“I would recommend it to people starting out in French because it’s more immersive than French class,” Greenwell said.

The club is made more interesting when its members are at different skill levels in French because it helps students of different grades bond and share what they know.

“The majority of it is just based on meeting new people, making the club much more intimate and close,” Greenwell added.

Other clubs may not be as laid back, such as Math Team. Junior Ginny Wong has been on Math Team for two years now. She described the club as being “competitive” because competitions were limited to 20 people. Math Team members had to participate in qualifiers to decide who went to these competitions.

“I would recommend Math Team to those who like math or those who are interested in the STEM field because some problems do incorporate physics or calculus problems, which may be of interest to some,” said Wong.

Despite requiring much more work than other clubs, Wong realized that being on Math Team has benefited her in many ways. ”Math Team has definitely impacted me a lot socially and educationally, I met a lot of upperclassmen through Math Team,” stated Wong.

Clubs at Mt. Hebron do not fit the stereotype of private, niche groups. Instead, they try to adhere to a wide range of people. Moreover, many students benefited from joining a club. Both Greenwell and Wong met new friends that they might have not met otherwise.

Clubs also give students a chance to get away from school work and meet with people with the same interests as themselves. These organizations are an important part of high school and can be a real eye-opening experience.

Clubs are only made possible by the efforts of those involved. Therefore, students are encouraged to take part in these activities to enrich their high school experience.

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