Seniors Say “Shell Yeah!” to Crab Feast

On Sept. 21, seniors gathered for the annual Senior Crab Feast. Everyone came excited and full of energy, but most importantly they came hungry.

Seniors started off by gathering appetizers like mac and cheese, Caesar salad, crab cakes, crab dip and bread from the buffet. After approximately a half-hour, a loud pounding noise filled the room as the students hit the tables with their mallets when the crabs were finally brought to the tables. The level of excitement doubled in the room, and the smell of freshly cooked crabs filled the air.

Dozens of crabs filled the table tops as eager seniors were seconds away from picking their crabs. The students, as well as some teachers, were experiencing this pastime for the first time.

Senior Tess Weber said, “This was Mr. Macheel’s first Crab Feast that he has attended, and he really enjoyed it.”

Social Studies teacher Mr. Bobby Macheel was one of many teachers who were helping out with the Crab Feast. After everyone was finished eating, students gathered to dance in the front of the cafeteria.

“I liked how we were all together as a class,” senior Amanda Ross said.

Senior Rickie Williams was one of the few people who gave a solo dance performance in front of the entire class.

“It was a very light-hearted environment,” Williams said. “Everyone there was there to have a good time.”

“It was a very fun environment,” added senior Jacob Parrott. “All of my friends were there, and it was fun seeing everyone together.”

While everyone was dancing, senior Jake Edmondson was devouring crabs the entire night trying to beat the school record. Edmondson ended up eating between 76-77 crabs that were accounted for. He earned the number one crab eating bib and a full stomach.

“The atmosphere was very hyped up, and the crabs were delicious,” Edmondson said.

Between the dancing and the crab eating, English teacher Lisa Vitali and Math teacher Greg Murach, the class of 2017 sponsors, announced who won prizes for the raffle. The prizes ranged from $5 gift cards to places like Dunkin Donuts and Qdoba to the grand prize, the senior package. The senior package includes two free prom tickets, one free class night ticket, and one free senior picnic ticket. This year the lucky winner of it was senior Anastasia Kreyling.

Overall, the Crab Feast was a great success and a great way to kick off the seniors’ final year. Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a tremendous amount of crabs — 21.5 bushels total.

“It was really fun, and I was shocked at how many crabs there were,” senior Elise Mahoney said.

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