Field of Screams Set to Scare Thrill-Seekers

The beginning of fall welcomes the reopening of the very popular production of Field of Screams Maryland, which is set to reopen on Sept. 30. This Steelhead production is a local Screamfest that has a series of haunted house attractions. Nationally ranked number one, this is a huge event that many say is not one to miss.

The Screamfest will provide memorable experiences and extreme terror. Returning attractions, such as the Nightmares in 3D Haunted House, Hades Hayride and the Trail of Terror are reappearing, but Scream fans will also react to the newest Haunted Trail that will be catered this year.

The Haunted Trail is said to produce intense scares as customers venture through the old Campgrounds where a group of 20-year-old deceased campers once roamed. The Haunted Trail is said to be one of the scariest attractions hosted by the production.

Freshman Emily Weller said the event is “crazy, but really fun.”

“I honestly felt like I was in a horror movie,” Weller said of last year’s Field of Screams. “It’s my favorite time of the year!”

The experiences Scream fans like Weller develop are all different, but many can agree that it is far beyond entertaining.

The concessions stands provide an assortment of snacks like s’mores, funnel cakes, fried oreos and twinkies, which are all served to customers near large, warm bonfires. As seen in the past, Scream fans have loved the experiences in the fields, and the company tries its best to make it an experience the customers are never going to forget.

Senior John Benyi described it as a place interesting to go with a group of friends, but also acknowledged the fact that some friends were not as scared as others.

Sophomore Diana Menendez felt but the attractions needed some improvements.

“It was too short, and it was not scary enough,” Menendez said, but she enjoyed her spending time with her friends.

Some really enjoyed the provided entertainment. “Field of Screams really goes into what people are actually afraid of,” said freshman Elizabeth Jackson. “It’s definitely someplace I’d go back to.”

Jackson also added that the attractions are something that all people could be scared by due to the general setup and concepts of the event.

It is clear that not everyone likes the adrenaline of being scared, but the memories that are made at Field of Screams are unforgettable to many. As such, this event will continue to reign as one of the most popular events in the fall season.

It is expected that there will be plenty of Scream fans present at the reopening of this year’s Field of Screams, and it will be exciting to examine what the attraction has in store for its patrons.

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