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Dutra Swims for Cancer Research

As the number of Americans who have cancer increases, the efforts to treat it have declined. In the past few years, funding for cancer research has decreased by 25 percent. Swim Across America hopes to change that with their hosted events.

Swim Across America is a charitable organization which hosts swimming competitions to benefit cancer research. The main mission is to find the cure for cancer by raising money through the races to fund hospitals, researchers and trials for treatments. From the competitions in 2015, SAA was able to raise $6.3 million for cancer research, as well as being granted $4.65 million. This money is going to the estimated 40 percent of Americans who have been diagnosed with cancer.

On September 18, senior Bella Dutra participated in this year’s Swim Across America event.


Dutra (far right) with fellow swimmers.

“I was proud of how I swam today because for some reason it feels like it has been the best I have ever done,” Dutra said.

“I was nervous because this was going to be my first time swimming for a while,” Dutra added. “But I was excited to see how [it would go]. I was also very motivated to have a good finish.”

Swimming has always been one of Dutra’s passions, but contributing her passion for a good cause is even more incredible.

“I know a lot of people that have been affected by cancer. I swim, so I [did] it for them,” she said.

Senior Olivia Inskeep did not participate in the swimming competition but instead volunteered for the cause. “Why not volunteer and help?,” she said.

Other students, like senior Jeff Roman, also participated in the event by volunteering. Roman says that he helped out by handing water bottles and towels to those who had already finished their swim. He and some other fellow classmates cheered on those who were competing.

“It was really cool that they had a couple of people who had cancer and survived to talk about their lives and how much Swim Across America meant to them,” Roman said. “They were truly thankful for all of the money that the Swim Across America had raised.”


Participants commemorate loved ones who have fought cancer.

Cancer has become an increasing threat to the world. Swim Across America is a perfect way to raise awareness for those who have been affected by cancer. This organization brings people closer together, and it emphasizes the brilliance of working together to help support a common problem.

Swim Across America also inspires many to become aware of the threat of cancer, thus prompting people to act. Raising money is one way to help, but becoming intellectually informed about the threat is another plus.

Next year, Swim Across America will be back again with the same effort of raising money for cancer. As the population grows, cancer will too. Researching cancer should be a priority, and Swim Across America makes it one.


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