Apple Releases New iPhone 7

As autumn begins, everyone is not only talking about cold weather and bonfires, but also the release of the new iPhone 7. On Sept. 16, people everywhere experienced this new technology, whether they ordered it or waited in line to buy it in-store.

People in the past have always had different views on the various new iPhones, and the students of Mt. Hebron are no different.

“It is the latest iPhone out, so it is apparently a better phone than the last generations in some way,” said senior Rickie Williams. “The new changes are very minimal, though.”

“I think it’s kind of nice because there’s a better camera and stuff,” sophomore Allie Ritter added. “But I saw a lot of hate on Twitter for it, so I don’t know.”

Just like every new product, Apple is always trying to incorporate new and innovative ideas. The company not only improved the camera, but they also added another one so owners can get wider angled shots and better optical zoom. The iPhone 7 has a vibrant 25 percent increase in color display, a longer lasting battery, faster LTE and two of the most talked about updated additions.

Forget plugging in headphones. Apple decided it was time to go wireless and created AirPods, the first of its kind.

“I like having headphones, but I don’t think the wireless headphones are that good,” Ritter said. “I feel like I’ll lose them.”

“I’m not going to lie, it seems to me more like an inconvenience than an upgrade,” added Williams. “In the grand scheme of things, Apple is most likely trying to make more money in the long run in some form or fashion.”

Chatter of the new iOS also has filled the halls of Mt.Hebron as students eagerly tell friends to stay away or hurry up and download it.

“I like it. It just takes some getting used to. I think it is a nice little change,” said sophomore Olivia Martin.

“I personally have enjoyed iOS 10 thus far,” Williams said. “There are actually a lot of cool new features, such as a redesigned control center, digital touch in iMessages, and a new lock screen. This is probably the biggest update that Apple has released so far, in terms of software updates.”

The success of the iPhone 7 has been tremendous and will likely grow as the months continue. Apple will soon have to create bigger and better devices in order to keep their customers satisfied.

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