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Designers Take on New York Fashion Week

An enchanting few weeks of captivating design presentations brings designers, celebrities, buyers, and even the normal fashion enthusiasts together. Since a majority, if not the entirety, of the Mt. Hebron population could not be present at Fashion Week, here is a compilation of a few of the most talked about Spring/Summer 2017 ready to wear shows of the year.


Kanye West made a statement starting off this year’s New York Fashion Week with anticipation for the fourth season of his brand “Yeezy.” He tweeted days before the show asking only multiracial models to come barefaced for the casting process. There was a multitude of drama as Yeezy himself appeared an hour late to the affair, which caused havoc at the peaceful venue. All was potentially forgiven when the show commenced. The models paraded down the runway in bodysuits, classic oversized coats and jackets, and dresses. The new thigh-high transparent Yeezy boots enticed a great deal of attention as Kim Kardashian, West’s wife, sported the garment a day before the show, prompting many to ask where they were from. The hue of this collection was consistent with his past seasons, being centered around earthy tones.


Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs sparked controversy nationwide after debuting his New York Fashion Week collection. Many declared that his show was chock full of cultural appropriation regarding the lack of models of color present and the fact that all caucasian models sported pastel dreadlocks. Besides the disputes, the clothing looked like it was hijacked from a delusional rave-fueled fantasy. The models graced the nightclub-themed runway in Jacobs’s recognizable platform boots, daring prints, and a dream-like color palette. The materials included satin, sparkles, snakeskin, fur, holographic metallics, alongside denim and camouflage. Whether you believe Jacobs’s presentation was more of a daydream or dreaded nightmare, it still lingers as one of the most discussed shows of the occasion.


Alexander Wang

There have been countless influences from past decades of the 1900’s in haute couture recently, but scarcely have we seen visions of the early 2000’s. Alexander Wang provided us with a different outlook to fashion nostalgia in the name of his newfound collaboration with Adidas. The models strutted down the runway in garments that can only be retained from icons such as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie during the birth of the 21st century. From low-waisted chinos to graphic hoodies and tees, as well as a great deal of bold-printed items, it is clear to see that influence from the preceding decade has been snatched and modified to fit the modern appeal. Wang’s show succeeded at displaying the essence of the the simple life in a simpler time.


Palm Angels

The skate culture of today’s youth has had a vast influence on modern designers for quite some time now. Palm Angels’s premiere show is a prime example of this renowned theory. A photograph of a celestial skater suspended mid-air gleaming with the sunlight was the inspiration for the clothing’s characteristics. Francesco Ragazzi presented his fascinating yet provocative collection in New York and snuck his way into one of the most highlighted menswear shows of the week. The alternative-appearing models displayed a variety of skater staples such as bomber jackets, graphics, hoodies, jumpsuits, and even the currently trendy ‘dad hat.’ With an emphasis on the ‘outcast’ aesthetic, Palm Angels has the potential to be beloved amongst numerous covert adolescents.


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