Fall for these Fashion Trends

As the weather gets frigid and nature transforms its hue, fashion adjusts alongside of it. Autumn is an adored season by many simply because of its somber aesthetic and intriguing trends. The time is finally here to wear what we have all been looking forward to since the beginning of this scorching summer.

Long Sleeves:

The moment to bury our clingy short sleeves to the distant back of our closets has come. Whether it comes to Vetements, Raf Simons, Fenty, or even Yeezy, no one can deny that extraordinary over-sized sleeves have dominated the fall 2016 “ready to wear” fashion shows. This trend runs nicely alongside the cozy looks teens promote these days. Individuals have grasped this clothing concept from the runway and transferred it to the streets.


Marc Jacobs, Yeezy, Vetements

 Iconic Hoodie:

Have you ever slept through your alarm clock and had to leave the house in a less than mediocre outfit? Haven’t we all! With this fall trend, you do not have to worry about that anymore. Just throw on an iconic hoodie, and you are all set for the day with acceptable and exceptional attire that anyone can pull off. You may be thinking, “What makes a hoodie iconic?” A particular cut or unique graphic can transform an ordinary piece into a wardrobe staple. Therefore, an Iconic Hoodie is born.


Fenty x Puma- Rhianna, Kanye West Pablo, Rhianna in Vetements

David Bowie Boots:

Are they a tribute to his legacy or just an idea brought back to life? Whatever it is, David Bowie boots are here and towering over everything. These platforms appeared in several shows including Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Margiela and Vivienne Westwood. The slightly gothic feel to this item sets off a very much appreciated Autumn vibe. Although we love seeing these boots on Social Media stars, we will not rest until one of the Spice Girls takes it upon herself to embrace this relapsing trend as they did in the ’90s.


Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, David Bowie


Not a single soul can oppose the fact that the fashion of today’s generation has an abundant sense of nostalgia. Whether it comes from the ’60s, ’70s and especially the ’90s, each decade delivers classic items reworked to conform to our modern-day society. One fabric that has definitely made its way around the fashion cycle is velvet. From the classic ’60s velvet dress to ’90s velvet chokers, both are present on the runway and in the wardrobes of street-style icons such as North West and Rihanna.


Valentino, Rhianna, North West

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