Month: March 2016

Cassy Lopez Slams in Wrestling

Wrestling demands complete determination and strength from athletes. Wrestlers have only six minutes to prove that they are better than their opponent during a match. It is an accomplishment for anyone to compete well throughout the whole season, but to succeed on the mat and in the classroom […]

Jesse Owens Races to Theaters

On March 12, the Parents of African American Students (PAAS) hosted a private showing of the recently released movie “Race” depicting the triumphs of Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and his struggle against racism in the United States. The private showing had a turnout […]

Math Department Teams Up for Pi Day

Pi is a well-known mathematical constant, as well as the homonym for a delicious dessert. The first three numbers of this important constant are three point one four, or 3.14. Coincidentally, these numbers also happen to occur on the calendar once a year, on March 14, or 3/14. […]

Citizen M Cautions All About Graduation

Well, butter me up and call me a biscuit! It has been a while, folks! But I, Citizen M, am back. How has everyone been? The weather is finally starting to look up, which is nice after this pretty harsh winter. “Why do you sound positive, Almighty M?” […]

O’s Say Goodbye to Pie

Any Baltimore Orioles fan is no stranger to the post-game antics following a walk-off win. For the past couple of years, when an Oriole player has a walk-off hit, center fielder Adam Jones pied him in the face during his post-game interview. This joyous celebration has been a fan-favorite. However, […]