Hebron Voice Illustrates CommUNITY Pride

Special Education teacher and Mt. Hebron alumnus Mr. Tommy Tittsworth is heading a new project to create a mural of pictures showing all that the school has to offer.

“My goal for this project is to demonstrate the diversity of Mt. Hebron in its sports, clubs, programs, etc,” said Mr. Tittsworth.

Mr. Tittsworth, a faculty member of the Hebron Voice Committee, hopes to showcase the great array of clubs, sports and other after-school activities in which students participate at Mt. Hebron. Although the pictures for the diverse mural have yet to be chosen, there will likely be images of Mt. Hebron’s many traditions, including theatre productions and competitive sports teams.

Mt. Hebron also has a countless number of clubs available to let students show off their unique talents. Pictures of these clubs on the mural will represent how devoted and involved students are in their school.

“While walking through other schools such as Centennial and Marriott’s Ridge and seeing their murals, I enjoyed the cultural pieces of each one and felt that Hebron should create one,” said Mr. Tittsworth.

In addition, Mr. Tittsworth plans to illustrate the many ways that the school also provides services for the community. Every year, Mt. Hebron students and faculty participate in the Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored Canned Food Drive. The school collects money and food with the goal of donating it all to families in need during the holiday season. The Canned Food Drive allows many students to volunteer their time to help organize and deliver donated items to families across the county.

Senior Hemanth Bellala, a member of the SGA who has participated in the Canned Food Drive explained, “It was a great feeling helping families in need while also having fun with my friends.”

Another way Mt. Hebron contributes to the community is by participating in Pennies for Patients. This fundraiser encourages students and staff to donate pennies and other spare change, collecting all of the money in order to send it to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Images of students participating in these service activities will show the visitors of the high school that there is great pride in our community, and the entire school aims to help those in need throughout the school year.

Mt. Hebron has an incredible Homecoming Day tradition. It starts in the morning with the football team hosting a Pancake Breakfast, followed by the four classes performing in a parade that travels along St. Johns Lane with class floats, Homecoming Court nominees, and more, and ends at the high school. After the parade, the football game starts, and at halftime the Homecoming king and queen are announced.

Senior Kyle Watts, Homecoming King of 2015, said, “I would be honored if a picture of me was included in the mural.”

Finally, that night the Homecoming dance is held in the school gym. Pictures of past Homecomings on the mural will be used to represent all of the traditions the school has upheld throughout the years.

Because of the many sports teams, clubs, productions, pep rallies, fundraisers, and other activities at Mt. Hebron, Mr. Tittsworth will have plenty of options to choose from when the official pictures are determined. The purpose of this mural is to show everyone who enters the school the greatness of Mt. Hebron.

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