Tropical Smoothie Cafe Moves into St. John’s Plaza

The beauty of a small restaurant is found with the wide range of items you can purchase. The Tropical Smoothie Café has everything from delicious smoothies to delightful vegetarian cuisine. Until recently, the establishment was located in the Dobbin Shopping Center, which is 20 minutes away from Mt. Hebron. However, in April, this café plans to open another location in Ellicott City in the St. Johns Plaza.

“I used to have to go all the way to Columbia if I wanted it before, and now, it’ll be much more convenient,” expressed junior Ashley Hale.

The St. Johns Plaza is home to many other successful businesses including Barebones, Play it Again Sports and Mars. While these businesses thrive in the plaza, many others have not been as successful. The plaza has seen many different businesses rise and fall at this location; however, there are high hopes for Tropical Smoothie Café.

“They will probably make a lot of money because there are always people around that shopping center,” said senior Matt Awalt.

Naturally, the Tropical Smoothie Café has a wide selection of smoothies. They offer the typical fruit smoothies, Superfood Smoothies, Supercharged Smoothies and Indulgent Smoothies. There is also the option of choosing from the array of fresh add-ins and supplements.

The Superfood Smoothies are a mixture of fruits, vegetables or other healthy options. Some smoothies include kale, while others contain non-fat yogurt. This allows for the great taste of the smoothie along with the healthy benefits of vegetables.

Another category of smoothie is the Supercharged Smoothies. These smoothies mix fruits with proteins and energizers. This type of smoothie is a healthy alternative to energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull.

The Indulgent Smoothies mix chocolate and fruits to create the perfect blend. The Indulgent Smoothies allow you to do exactly that — indulge.

“I enjoy Tropical Smoothie for its great quality of product and its energy it gives off,” said junior Mark Schonberg.

Smoothies are not the only item this café sells. The café has a wide range of food, including multiple vegetarian choices.  You can choose from an array of freshly toasted wraps, sandwiches and flatbreads. They also offer many different types of tacos and salads. Many of their items can be made vegetarian with chicken-free strips. The café also has multiple breakfast options, including egg wraps and peanut butter flatbread.

The Tropical Smoothie Café not only has a wide range of foods and smoothies, but it also includes a kids’ menu. This menu is for children 12 and under and consists of a plethora of food. The best part about the café is the online access to the menu. The menu online includes the nutrition facts and ingredients about each item.

Many are eagerly waiting for the Tropical Smoothie Café’s opening, which is predicted to be a huge success.

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