Cassy Lopez Slams in Wrestling

Wrestling demands complete determination and strength from athletes. Wrestlers have only six minutes to prove that they are better than their opponent during a match. It is an accomplishment for anyone to compete well throughout the whole season, but to succeed on the mat and in the classroom is a huge achievement. Sophomore Cassy Lopez stands out because of her accomplishments in both.

Lopez was awarded the Second Team All-Academic award by the Maryland State Wrestling Association. This award is given to athletes who not only have accomplished amazing things on the mat, but also have an outstanding GPA.

Lopez was on the varsity wrestling team. She also won the Women’s Wrestling State Championship three times.

“I started wrestling my freshman year in high school, although I had two years of mixed martial arts experience,” Lopez said.

Even with all the amazing achievements on the mat, her work in the classroom is just as impressive. During the wrestling season, she maintained a 4.1 weighted GPA. Earning exemplary grades during the wrestling season is hard because wrestlers are exhausted after tough practices and are busy keeping their weight down to stay in their weight class.

“I mostly enjoy the adrenaline rush before every match,” Lopez said. “I love getting my hand raised, and it challenges me to do things I never thought I could do.”

Since wrestling is a predominantly male sport, Lopez is helping fight gender stereotypes.

“I hope I can inspire other girls to follow the sport and get involved,” Lopez said. “As a member of the Maryland Girls National Team, I feel like I must do a great job at representing the other girls in our state.”

All of these accomplishments are not a surprise to her teammates and coaches because they know how great her work ethic is.

Varsity wrestling coach Daniel Harman said, “She is one of the hardest working wrestlers I’ve ever had. I’m very proud of her and am proud to be her coach.”

Even many of Lopez’s teammates are mesmerized by her achievements. They are proud of the great things she is doing on and off the mat.

“She inspires me every practice to push myself,”junior Shaber Amhad said. “She’s my favorite person to watch wrestle at the matches.”

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