Math Department Teams Up for Pi Day

Pi is a well-known mathematical constant, as well as the homonym for a delicious dessert. The first three numbers of this important constant are three point one four, or 3.14. Coincidentally, these numbers also happen to occur on the calendar once a year, on March 14, or 3/14.

Usually, this might be a day to eat pie or make math jokes. But this year, the Math department has a different idea for recognizing Pi day in the Mt. Hebron community.

The Math department is holding a fundraiser to support Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center and the Change Matters Don’t Do Nothing program, asking students and staff at Mt. Hebron to donate $3.14 or more on Pi day during Math classes or to Math teachers.

Grassroots Crisis Intervention Center is the only homeless shelter in Howard County, as well as a 24- hour crisis center. Thousands of people call Grassroots every year to receive help for many issues on many topics.

All services provided by Grassroots are free, and no appointment is necessary to receive help. Students can call the 24-hour hotline at any time, on any day, at 410-531-6677.

The Change Matters Don’t Do Nothing program is for students, and it teaches them about suicide as well as how to prevent it.

The program is meant to show that students can talk to teachers, counselors, coaches, parents or other trusted adults. But if students feel that they don’t have an adult to talk to, they will always have the crisis hotline to call.

Math teacher Ms. Sara Tagget was the one to introduce the idea to the rest of the Math department.

Ms. Tagget is friends with Cathy Smith, a woman who works for the Change Matters program. Ms. Smith had the idea that the Math department should do something for Pi day, but it was not until the whole Math department met and collaborated that the idea for $3.14 (or more) donations should be collected was born.

Ms. Tagget was happy to become involved with the fundraising and stated, “I am an advocate for suicide prevention.”

To raise awareness of the fundraiser, there were notices during the morning announcements as well as posters throughout the school. All of the Math teachers showed their classes a video called “Don’t Do Nothing” the week before Pi day so students would know more about what they were supporting.

Sophomore Jennifer Jung, who supports the program, said, “I’m doing it. I like [the idea].”

Since this is the first year Mt. Hebron is doing this fundraiser, in terms of money raised, Ms. Tagget said, “We don’t have a goal. We’ll be happy with any amount.”

Something that makes this program even more special is the fact that Mt. Hebron is the only school in the county to do the fundraiser this year.

Not worried about the size of the program this year, Ms. Tagget said, “Starting it is a good first step to recognizing Pi day as a community. It is also great to raise awareness about suicide prevention and grassroots.”

Students who help make this first year a success by donating at least $3.14 will receive a reward for their kindness: a paper bracelet that says, “Happy Pi Day 3.1416 MHHS supports grassroots.”

Make this Pi day a sweet one and donate during Math classes on March 14.

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