O’s Say Goodbye to Pie

Any Baltimore Orioles fan is no stranger to the post-game antics following a walk-off win. For the past couple of years, when an Oriole player has a walk-off hit, center fielder Adam Jones pied him in the face during his post-game interview. This joyous celebration has been a fan-favorite.

However, this upcoming season will be different. The O’s have banned the post-game pie celebration. This rule was put in place by the Orioles organization, not Major League Baseball. The Orioles decided to ban this celebration because of potential health concerns for their players.

Jones took to twitter on Feb. 27 to confirm the news with a series of tweets. “I might have some TERRIBLE news for O’s fans. No more Pies can be delivered to O’s players. It’s no ones fault. It’s just about safety. At the end of the day it can be dangerous so we’re being smart.”

Safety is the concern and reason behind the new ban. Fans of the Orioles organization do not see eye to eye with how the organization is taking action about the pies. The pieing was a ritual that was both enjoyable for the players and fans — those in the stadium and those at home — during post game interviews.

“It’s like they’re killing a tradition,” commented junior Brian Spiegler.

“It was a cool thing that happened after games,” sophomore Adam Scherr added. “I don’t really see the safety concerns.”

Previous pies were made of shaving cream, which caused players to complain about their eyes burning. As a result, Dangerously Delicious, a local bakery, started working with Jones. They supplied actual pies for post-game celebrations to replace the shaving cream pies. For each home game, the Orioles were gifted one pie for a player’s face and another for players to eat.

“In this day and age, you never know what can happen. Better safe than sorry. So I can understand why they did it,” said Athletics and Activities Manager Ms. Jeannie Provosto.

Even though many fans may see this as not that big of a deal, many rookies and new players in the Orioles club may want to be cautious. Some new players coming to the franchise could even have allergies to the ingredients in the pies.

“I have a lot of allergies, and they aren’t something to mess around with. I think they should be keeping the players safe that are coming into the organization,” said senior Danielle Pitts.

The fans will not be able to enjoy seeing players get pied at Camden Yards anymore, but fans can find other ways to enjoy the game. If Orioles fans want to see something happen for celebrations, Jones is looking for suggestions through Twitter.

April 4 is opening day for the Birds, so there is still time to find a replacement for pies. At the end of the day, the Orioles are all about playing baseball. The season is about winning games and competing for a spot in the playoffs, not just practical jokes after the game. With the regular season fast approaching, it is time for more Orioles magic.

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