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Mt. Hebron Rallies for Hope

What helps a Mt. Hebron student get through the first five-day week since Snowstorm Jonas? A second Spirit Week in order to promote awareness for the Hebron for Hope campaign. The Student Government Association (SGA) dedicated the week of Feb. 21-25 for school spirit and raising money for Johns Hopkins Children’s Cancer Research.

The Hebron for Hope campaign started six years ago in order to raise money for a child who inspired the Hebron for Hope project. Since then, the SGA has sold t-shirts, with the design varying each year, to support a tremendous cause that affects around 13,500 children in the U.S. each year.

Senior and SGA President Anna Hemelt explained that the idea behind the Spirit Week was “to generate more buzz and hype for the pep rally,” she said.

Instead of SGA choosing the Spirit Days, there was a 24-hour Twitter poll allowing students to choose the Spirit Days for Monday through Wednesday. Kicking off Spirit Week on Monday was the classic hit Pajama Day, a day filled with fuzzy slippers, the hilarious versions of onesies and the staff and students in a calm mood.

“[I enjoy Pajama Day] because I don’t have to change my clothes when I get home from work,” stated Science teacher Ms. Amy Mongano.

On Tuesday, Maryland Day inspired the student population to dress in our state’s colors of red, black, gold and white. Sport Jersey Day on Wednesday led students to show off pride for their favorite sports teams.

The third annual pep rally was held on Thursday, the Hebron for Hope Day of Spirit Week. Students were prompted to wear their class colors, and the school was full of intense competition between all grades and the staff. After a cheery rendition of the national anthem sung by the Barbershop quartet, the contests kicked off with the always anticipated seniors vs. freshmen basketball game. In a surprising turnout, after seniors led 10-4 at halftime, the freshmen got their head in the game for the last half and won 11-10. This came as a shock to most of the audience.


Seniors during tug of war.

After the sophomores beat the juniors in their game, the two victorious classes played for first place. It was a close game, and even the upperclassmen were on the edge of their seat. With 4.9 seconds left, sophomores were in the lead by one point. Freshman Brandon Prox made the winning shot for the freshmen team at the buzzer. The freshmen class stormed the court in an excited frenzy.

Students also participated in other contests in order to score some additional points for their class. The dunk contest involved some creativity and humor. While the underclassmen went for the more traditional dunking approach, senior Mason All decided to “dunk” Centennial High School by jumping over a cardboard cutout of their eagle mascot. However, the juniors appeared to be the class favorite when Johnny Linsenmeyer cruised into the gym in a children’s Barbie mobile and drove under the hoop to be dunked on by fellow classmate Torey Jones.

In between contests, there were performances from the Lancers and the break dancing team. The lancers performed two power-hitting routines. Their first routine was the traditional poms choreography. The second dance, performed by the Lancer’s small hip-hop group, used a mash-up of R&B and hip-hop music to pump up the crowd.

Ending the night was the much-anticipated seniors vs. staff game. At first, the seniors had trouble scoring; however, they were eventually successful at gaining points. Ultimately, the teachers won the game 18-6.

The Hebron for Hope campaign grows each year. Whether it is raising money through the sale of t-shirts and car magnets or raising awareness through pep rally events, Mt. Hebron continues to support the cause that affects millions of lives around the world.

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