Have We Had Our Fill of “Fuller House?”

In the new Netflix original series, DJ, Kimmy and Stephanie are in the house, the “Fuller House.” After much anticipation, Netflix recently released a reboot of the late ’80s and early ’90s classic family sitcom, “Full House.” However, the house is now crowded with a different set of characters.

Even though the show went off the air, the fictional characters have seemingly continued their lives. Stephanie Tanner is an aspiring musician, and DJ Tanner, now known as DJ Tanner Fuller, is a newly-widowed single mom of three boys. Kimmy Gibler, DJ’s childhood best friend, is a mother of one, and it is unclear whether she will ever divorce her husband — the two have a very on-again, off-again relationship.

The other characters from the original show, who guest-starred in the pilot episode, have new lives as well. Danny, who remarried at some point, and Becky are hosting their own daytime talk show. Jesse and Becky, who have been married for over 25 years, are moving to Los Angeles. Michelle, who does not make an appearance, is doing fashion work in New York. And finally, Jesse and Becky’s twin boys, Nicky and Alex, are in college, and Joey has a show in Las Vegas. The very first episode focuses on introducing the characters’ new lives, but once the audience is caught up, the plot thickens.

The theme song sequence uses old clips of the actors from the original show and puts them side by side clips of the current characters on the new show. The same theme song is used; however, it is a version done by Carly Rae Jepsen. The opening credits imply that this is not a new show altogether, but rather a continuation of the original that has been adored for years.

Because this is not an entirely new show, “Fuller House” has numerous parallels to the original series. For one, Stephanie has kept her catchphrase “How rude!” and there are scenes reenacted from “Full House.” The clips, played side by side, add a nostalgic feeling to the show. Old clips are also used when needed to give context for the storyline.

The characters also resemble those from the original show almost exactly. The only disparity is gender: DJ has taken over Danny’s role as the responsible, out-of-touch parent, Stephanie mimics Jesse, acting as the cool, attractive, fun aunt, and Kimmy takes Joey’s place as the quirky, silly family friend. The three young girls from “Full House” have been replaced with three young boys.

The writers and creators did an exemplary job catering to their audience. They acknowledged that their audience would be mainly composed of the kids who watched “Full House” when it originally aired. Because that audience is much older and mature at this point, the show contains just enough dirty humor to keep the older viewers laughing. Then again, this could not be a new thing — I may have been too young to appreciate the mature jokes when I was watching “Full House.” Either way, they have been and continue to be able to entertain watchers of all ages.

Though “Fuller House” has received a great response from its audience, it has a few downfalls. The humor included in the show is not as common today as it may have been in the past, and as a result, the actors tend to overact.

Furthermore, because the character catchphrases from “Full House” were so iconic, the writers attempted to create new ones. DJ’s son Max’s new catch phrase is “Holy chalupas!’ and it apparently must be exclaimed at least twice per episode, which is very overdone seeing as the episodes are pretty short. Sorry, “Fuller House.” You can’t just force something like that. It’s not working.

All in all, the show is impressive. Usually spinoff series are not great, but this one seems to be holding its own. It is unknown how long it will run, but based on the positive reactions from the public, it seems like “Fuller House” will be around for a while.

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